Review: Genius Ring Presenter- Wolrd's First Ring Style Touch Cursor Controller

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The Genius Ring Presenter is mobile based mouse presenter and a laser pointer. This allows for controlling the cursor movement, and for dragging as well as 4-way scrolling. The Ring Presenter also controls the same buttons that your mouse has, including the left, middle, and right buttons. Which is inbuilt by a thin, built-in Lithium-ion rechargeable battery, the 2.4 GHz wireless mouse has an operating range of more than thirty feet. There is even a built-in blue LED that flashes when the battery needs to be recharge and show the sign for recharge purpose it give signal.

Package of Genius
Inside the box we find the device and its connector USB, a cable USB to MicroUSB, a small bag of transportation, installation CD and manual.

Physically, the device consists of a small surface with a central optical trackpad and four buttons attached to a ring open and flexible rubber that which fit in finger and without squeezing or disturbing. A small slit in the ring used to hold the receiver USB when not in use. In total there are four buttons on the top, over a small lever with three positions on the side. In the front there is a MicroUSB port and the laser output, which is that the Ring Presenter features a small red laser pointer to point it at our shows.

Ring Mouse comes in two modes, mouser mode and presenter mode. In mouse mode, the optical sensor is responsible for moving the cursor like a mouse.

The Presenter Mode gives function like controls that work in Microsoft Office PowerPoint. It allows the user access to Play/Exit and Last/Next Page on the PowerPoint Presentation. You can also set the cursor speed by using the In-air cursor DPI setting in this program.

The red Laser pointer is right at your thumb at the bottom of the ring and projects a bright red dot easily beyond the range of the wireless mouse. The combination of the wireless mouse and Laser pointer makes the Genius Ring Presenter a clever and good device that would work well in giving presentations in a conference or in the classroom for students. It provides you with the freedom to move around the room and still have a wireless mouse control of your computer and the presentation right on your finger.

Verdict: A pretty novel concept.


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