NEC Reinforces System Integration Business in India and Beyond

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NEC Technologies India Limited (NTI), a wholly owned subsidiary of NEC Corporation, is taking on a vital role in developing solutions, providing system integration and supporting global pre and post-sale operations. NTI, formerly NEC HCL System Technologies, a joint venture between NEC Corporation and HCL Technologies Limited, has formally started its operations from today, April 26, 2013.
NEC Technologies India Ltd. is developing innovative solutions and support operations aiming to expand the global business of the NEC Group.NTI aims todouble its footprint in India within the next two years. It will focus on providing solutions for emerging opportunities in the retail, security, smart energy, e-governance and infrastructure fields.

“NEC Technologies India will be at the forefront of the NEC Group’s global system integration business,” said Takaaki Shimizu, Senior Vice President at NEC Corporation and Chairman of the Board of NEC Technologies India. “India is the cross point of Asia and Western markets and the new company will play a strategic role in business creation and standardization of our solutions for global markets.”

”We see enormous potential in NEC’s global resources and strengths, including advanced technologies, products and solutions. We will customize existing products and solutions for both India and global markets in order to participate in new economic opportunities being created in markets throughout the world,” said Anil Gupta, CEO and Managing Director of NEC Technologies India.

Product Development and System Integration services for Global and Indian marketswill continue to be the Company’s core target areas. NTI in addition, is focusing on developing a wide range of solutions for the Indian and Global Markets aroundNEC’s advanced solutions for enterprise and public businesses. NTI also plans toexpand its current focus on large eGovernance and infrastructure projects in India while supporting the Global Subsidiaries of NEC in their respective markets.


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