LG unveils 100-inch Laser Display,HECTO

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LG Electronics (LG) announced the launch of its 100-inch Laser Display (HECTO).This advanced system comprises an immersive screen, and an Ultra Short Throw (UST) unit that is capable of projecting images over an extremely short distance. A masterpiece of home theater design, the 100-inch Laser Display offers Full HD 1080p screen resolution along with incredible contrast, thanks to LG’s laser-based technology. The product is a completely new concept by LG and was selected for the CES 2013 ‘Product of the Future’ by Popular Science.
The LG Laser Display boasts Full HD resolution and a 10,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, rendering the most vivid images and incredible clarity. The anti-reflective screen allows viewers to enjoy stunning, cinematic picture quality, even in the brightest of conditions. While conventional projection systems require a considerable distance to display images on a large screen, the lens of LG’s UST unit can be positioned a mere 22 inches away from the 100-inch display. This clever, space-efficient configuration means the user doesn’t have to sacrifice half the room in order to enjoy the many benefits of the Laser Display.

LG’s Laser Display has two 10W speakers built into in the UST unit, which support virtual surround sound for an authentic cinema experience at home. The compact device features LG’s understated yet stylish Dynamic Arc Design with a subtly curved surface that reaches an unobtrusive 5.7 inches in height. Meanwhile, the 100-inch screen adopts LG’s CINEMA SCREEN Design for a slim and minimalistic appearance, compatible with any interior d├ęcor.

LG’s UST projection unit employs a technologically advanced laser-based illumination system. It features a specialized bulb that can operate for 25,000 hours without needing replacement, which is five times longer than an environmentally-unsound mercury lamp. Removing mercury from its high quality products is just one example of how LG is striving to become more environmentally friendly.


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