The Ultimate Armor for Protecting Your 8 Series Motherboards A-Style: Conformal Coating

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ASRock Inc. is established in 2002, specialized in the field of motherboards, is theworld third largest motherboard brand with headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan and branches in Europe and the USAAnnounces the ultimate armor for protecting the 8 Series Motherboards.
You have butterfingers, unfortunately we’re not talking about those delicious sweets, but the kind that makes you practice Newton’s law of universal gravitation every once in a while. And according to Murphy’s law, things tend to get even worse when your slippery hands get involved with electronics. What usually happens when you spill beverages or other conductive liquids onto your motherboard is that it turns into a not-so-fun sizzling barbeque fest, and then your motherboard dies of short circuit fatefully. That’s where A-Style, Conformal Coating comes in.

The special layer of Conformal Coating makes ASRock’s motherboards invulnerable to conductive liquids, so overclockers won’t have to worry about accidently spilling liquid nitrogen, liquid helium or even clam chowder over their motherboards while they are overclocking. Along with conductive liquids, Conformal Coating also protects the motherboard against dust, corrosion and extreme temperatures. It is the ultimate armor for the upcoming 8 Series motherboards.

Learn more about Conformal Coating via ASRock YouTube:

PS: The pins need to stay conductive therefore they are not covered by Conformal Coating. The water in this video is designed to avoid the pins which still risks of short circuit.


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