RAPOO Unveils Innovative Laser Mouse, 3920P

Posted by News Room On Tuesday, June 18, 2013 0 comments
Rapoo has introduced the laser engine 3920P mouse with 5GHz wireless connectivity. 3920P enables users to work freely on any surface even glass with anti-interference wireless connection. The new generation energy saving technology and power on/off button endow it with an enviable 18 month long battery life and frees you from the trouble and cost of changing batteries frequently.
RAPOO 3920P is designed with new generation energy saving technology and its power on/off button enables its battery to last for 18 months. Apart from the usual mouse functionality, two extra buttons are present on the left hand side of the mouse. These function as Forward/Next and Back buttons. The product also has a DPI switch and scroll wheel, which can be tilted on either side to move the mouse pointer laterally on the screen.  RAPOO 3920P 5G wireless mouse is ideal for discerning power users who expect more features and want to navigate seamlessly.

Sunil Srivastava, India Sales & Marketing Manager at RAPOO India said, "RAPOO 3920P is a multipurpose and feature-packed mouse that gives users flexibility. With all the creative features it possesses, it is one of the most innovative mice in the market and boasts an incomparable battery life of 18 months. Customers who buy this product will get a unique, innovative and trouble free mouse."


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