PNY Power Bank M26

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PNY Technologies have launched the new M26 power bank. This tiny little battery pack is a boon for someone who likes to use the smartphone to the fullest, without fearing about the battery charge. You can now watch movies on your large screen phones and tablets without worrying about your device suddenly dropping dead. Shaped like a small tube, weighing just 62 grams, the M26 can easily slip into your pocket with its small dimensions of 10 cm length and 2.3 cm width. Its black and white body looks good too.

Although small in size, the M26 contains a powerful 2600mAh high quality Li-ion battery that can easily recharge 98% smartphones’ battery power, such as iPhone4 up to 1.5 times. Because its smart power management controller that ensures a high discharging efficiency. The M26 can charge any digital device with DC 5V 1A input that can connect to its USB output port, such as tablets, cameras, MP3/MP4 players, and PSP, and be charged by any DC 5V 1A source such as a power adaptor or DC 5V 0.5A computer's USB port. A DC 5V 1A power adaptor can fully charge it in 3 - 4 hours. An intelligent LED display shows the current status of the power bank.

The most important, PNY power bank all comes with an MCU on control board that provides protective system for safety.

The M26 including six protections: insulation safety, stable voltage, short circuit, over discharge, over charge, and over current protections, if any one of them has happened, the control board will stop charging.

The M26 comes with a 1-year limited warranty at the price of Rs.1750


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