PNY Professional Power Bank V78 / P104 Series

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PNY Technologies (“PNY) considered one of the worldwide leaders in consumer electronics market and Flash products have introduce the ultimate device for replenishing drained batteries, the POWER BANK V78/P104. Nowadays, young people can’t keep their hands away from smart phones. Business man also needs carrying smart phones to receive hot news and email, or maybe a tablet for presentation when they go out for business. Before the day ends, your mobile battery has given up and leaves you stranded without any charge. PNY has found the immediate solution for your power drained devices while you’re on the move. POWER BANK V78/P104 came with big battery capacity, that’s really amazing and it is the best ideal for smart devices obsessed people.

The Power-V78(7800mAh) can directly recharge your mobile batteries with an impressive power charge of up to four times more while the Power-P104(10400mAh) can recharge up to five times without any interruptions or having to use the actual mobile charger. The high capacity and massive battery ensures long lasting and reliable source of power for your digital devices.

Equipped with the highest grade of Lithium ion battery, Power-V78 and Power –P104 provide over 300 times of battery cycle. The FCC/CE certifications approval and compliance with UN38.3 transportation safety requirement promises high quality and efficiency of the battery quality and safety use.PNY POWER BANK is integrated with two universal USB ports that allow you to simultaneously charge two devices. The output voltage of 5V can charge most digital devices with DC 5V input, such as mobile phones, tablets, cameras, iPods and other smart devices.

Prioritizing the safety of our users, the device incorporates double protection both in IC board and cell-pack to provide protection against over charge, over voltage, over current, and short circuit. Smart power management controller ensures that the power conversion efficiency is the highest possible, thus minimizing waste of power.

PNY POWER BANK comes encased in a smooth textured and polished surface that is stylish and drifts away from the stereotypical design of other battery chargers in the market. The Power-V78 is available in two cheerful colours: Pink and Light blue, perfect accessory to complement this summer and the Power-P104 is available in black and white to suit your business and professional look.

The power button on the centre of the device enables it to be switched on or off. The bright LED display indicates the charging status when plugged in and power levels charged. The POWER BANK is lightweight and extremely portable and offers a limited warranty of one year.

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