PNY Power Bank Sporty series

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Mobile phones and tablets these days consume a lot of battery power and you often end up with a dying gadget when you need it the most. PNY, the leading manufacturer of electronic components, is pleased to introduce a solution for this problem with the availability of three portable power banks. The Power-52S, Power-78S, and Power-104S are sporty-looking external battery packs that are pleasing to the eyes with their sky blue and peaceful green casings.

PNY Sporty power packs use Samsung's Lithium ion batteries, which are use only high quality non-recycled batteries in these power packs to ensure long life of the battery and true power rating. The most extraordinary, PNY sporty series designed with 8 protections. The first one is the double safety system. You can find the protection circuits on control board as well as the cell-pack for preventing over charging, over charge, over current, short circuit and auto shutdown when no loading. The 7th is the stable voltage protection on control board circuit and the 8th insulation safety for the cell-pack. With those fully safe designs, no doubt PNY power bank could get the FCC/CE certifications and UN38.3 compliance for air transportation safety.

A micro-USB input port present on the unit allows charging the power pack when connected to a computer's USB port or to a charging adapter. Smart power management controller ensures high power discharging efficiency. There are four intelligent LEDs on the front that show 4 levels of charging status are conveniently indicate the remaining power. The packs have two USB ports with DC 5V (1A/2.1A) output to charge virtually any device such as mobile phones, tablets, MP3/MP4 players, and cameras. It also allows you to charge two devices simultaneously.

PNY has got three models: Power-52S with 5200mAh, Power-78S with 7800mAh, and Power-104S with 10,400mAh batteries. While the Power-52S is adequate for any mobile phone, you can opt for higher models for longer battery backups or if you have more gadgets to charge.

All of the power banks come with a 1-year limited warranty.


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