ViewSonic Unveils Flicker-Free Technology Monitors

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ViewSonic Corp. has launched an advanced series of Flicker-Free display technology which guards eyesight of all types by eliminating screen flickering and by preventing the occurrence of CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome).People tend to stare at the computer screen for the longer period of time when they are at workplace or at home. Starting from the regular net surfing, emailing, movies, games to the use of social networking sites like Facebook or twitter, everything requires the constant monitoring of screen which makes the surface of the eyes drier and leads to elevated intraocular pressure from constant eye adjustments, eye fatigue, eyelid twitching, headaches and other eye-related problems.
ViewSonic VX52 Flicker-Free gaming monitor series, including 24-inch VX2452mh and 22-inch VX2252mh, brings on table, a more relaxed and comfortable view to all its users. Users will now be able to do work, play games, or watch movies on the computer for longer periods of time without needing to worry about eye-fatigue. Its products guarantees complete eradication of flickering at all brightness levels and offer a constant LED light source.  Also, DC-modulation backlight incorporates ViewSonic Flicker-Free Technology to offer true Flicker-Free viewing comfort. It not only provides the better appearance of flicker-free, but this technology also maintains a constant stream of direct current power to keep the light on at both high-and low brightness – something other displays can’t match. VX52 series of displays also feature Full HD 1920×1080 resolution for unbelievable pixel-by-pixel image performance.

“ViewSonic has been serving its users from over 25-plus years of visual solution experience. We are dedicated towards developing technologies and innovations which will give our customers the ultimate visual experience, as well as eye care benefits.” said GirishMamtani, Country Manager, ViewSonic India. “Users everywhere are now discovering the need for desktop display that can help prevent instances of CVS, or Computer Vision Syndrome. Considering the fact ViewSonic, introduces VX52 series gaming monitors with Flicker-Free display technology. Equipped with the exclusive Flicker-Free Technology, the new product line-up of VX52 is perfect for consumers seeking a persuasive experience that offer a constant LED light source with flicker-free technology eliminating flickering at all brightness levels and effectively reducing eye fatigue which can cause Computer Vision Syndrome by providing a true flicker-free and a more enjoyable viewing experience.”


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