Dell Software Launches Newest Release of NetVault Backup Introduces DR6000 Deduplication Appliance

Posted by News Room On Monday, May 19, 2014 0 comments
Dell Software today announced the release of two products that reflect the company’s ongoing commitment to satisfying the top backup and recovery challenges of mid-size and large enterprises. Dell’s cross-platform enterprise data protection solution, features upgrades including a new web-based GUI, significantly enhanced scalability, and greater performance through tight integration with the new high-capacity, high-performance DR6000 deduplication appliance.
The latest addition to Dell’s DR series of deduplication appliances, the DR6000 is designed specifically for larger enterprises, offering users more than double the raw capacity and greater scalability than the DR4100, which is optimized for small- to mid-size organizations. With few tasks plaguing organizations more than backup, Dell has made significant investments in its backup and recovery product line over the past two years to help speed and simplify the task.
Dell now offers a comprehensive portfolio that enables organizations to speed backups and restores, scale their backup tasks to match their business needs, and spend less time monitoring and managing backups. Dell Software’s data protection solutions are used globally by more than 83,000 customers who depend on them to add value to the business by minimizing downtime and data loss, while also reducing costs and complexity.
Murli Mohan, General Manager, Dell Software Group said “Large enterprise are generating tons of critical data which has to be protected, backed up and restored as and when needed to match various business needs. In the current business environment across verticals, CIOs are required to deploy solutions which are efficient and can deliver the best services to theircustomers. At Dell, we have been constantly listening to customer’s pain points and feedback and have been innovating and developing products that add value to our customers.


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