Kores India Launches Brother PT-H105 Label Printer

Posted by News Room On Thursday, May 1, 2014 0 comments
Kores India announced the launch of the PT-H105 label printer from Brother, the Japanese multi-national brand. Kores India has been associated with Brother since 2001 and is a major player in the Indian label industry.
The PT-H105 is a sleekly built labelling machine that can be used conveniently both at offices and homes. The handheld device increases efficiency by ensuring that items such as file folders, CD cases, bookshelves, filing cabinets, asset identification, personal and home products are clearly identified. It can also be used in the electrical industry for panel identification and cabelling applications. The P-touch H105 can also be used in schools, shops and other places of work.
The PT-H105 prints on durable laminated tapes and prints labels with sizes ranging from 6 mm to 12mm. The printer comes with a special Auto Design and Deco mode functions that help in designing creative labels. With a fast 20mm per second print speed, the printer comes with 9 character styles, 178 symbols and 7 frames to print labels.
The special Brother P-touch labels are laminated, consisting of seven layers of materials, resulting in a thin yet extremely strong label. The thermal transfer ink is placed between two protective layers of PET (polyester film),which protects the text against the effects of liquids, abrasion, temperature, chemicals and sunlight.  With a wide variety of tape cassettes in various widths and colors, the P-touch H105 is all set to become a must – have device at homes and offices.


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