MSI's announces their New Intel 9 Series Chipset

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At a special event in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, MSI Senior Vice-President, Henry Lu, informed the press present that 2013 was MSI’s best year since 2008. Furthermore, in Q1 2014, MSI actually managed to double its profits year on year. This is certainly impressive news considering the general state of the affairs with regards to the PC market. 
At an event that's being held in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, MSI introduced us to their latest products, beginning with a speech from Henry Lu, Senior Vice President and Founder of MSI. In his opening speech, Lu said that 2013 was a great year for MSI, but 2014 would be an even better year, thanks to their clear motherboard classification and their strong gaming notebook lineup
Henry Lu - MSI Senior Vice-President and Co-Founder

To better explain MSI’s products, several other individuals were invited to the stage, including Tim Lee, SEA/MEA Component Sales Director, Maxine Chang, Motherboard Product Manager. Vincent Hou, Graphics Cards Product Manager & Austin Yang, Barebone Product Marketing.
Lee explained more about the company’s GAMING series of motherboards while Chang spoke about the overclocking and mainstream motherboards.
If you’re unfamiliar with MSI products, their GAMING products have a red color scheme, while their overclocking and mainstream motherboards are yellow and blue respectively.
According to Lee, the GAMING series sports a number of improvements. The first is in terms of aesthetics, where the heatsinks and general design of the board have been given a more aggressive look. Secondly, he reinforced the fact that even the most affordable MSI GAMING motherboard offers features like the Killer network controllers and powerful audio technology like Audio Boost II. One of the more exciting features found on select MSI GAMING motherboards is the availability of an onboard Digital-to-Analog Conveter (DAC). Called the Xtreme Audio DAC, this technology makes use of the C-Media CM6631 HD audio processor, which helps to significantly improve the audio quality, regardless if it’s in games, movies or music.
In case you aren’t familiar with MSI’s segmentation, their products are divided into three distinct categories: overclocking (in yellow), gaming (in red) and classic or mainstream (in blue). 

Some of the Interesting features were showcased. Guard Pro, which is a new feature that helps to increase the overall stability of the motherboard by offering a unique type of circuit protection – when it detects the CPU running close to 100 degrees Celsius, the motherboard automatically reduces the frequency of the CPU to avoid shutting down. There’s also a new feature called USB Steel Power, which ensures that the motherboard supplies a steady stream of voltage to the USB ports. This feature is incredibly important for bitminers who constantly plug in USB drives to transfer and/or store this virtual currency.M.2 and SATA Express ports were also seen on a few yellow boards and so was the Xtreme Audio DAC powered by the C-Media CM 6631 HD Audio Processor. Please click the photos below to expand images and have a closer look.

Even in the Graphic card  there was latest developments. Re-introducing the MSI Gaming App, which helps users to easily set the card in OC mode, Gaming mode and Silent mode. The more interesting bit that was showcased today though, was the RADAX Fan technology, which is already implemented in cards like the MSI R9 270X Gaming 2GB ITX
And now we come to the Nightblade – a barebones PC aimed at DIY gamers.
MSI Nightblade – a barebone PC that comes in several SKUs. The Nightblade has a mini-ITX form factor, but it supports full-sized, high-end graphics cards like those based on the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 Ti and AMD Radeon HD 290X.
To prove that it is well built , a model was asked to stand on it.Currently, there are Z87, B85 and Z97 variants of this barebone PC on the market.
If there is one segment of the PC enthusiast market that MSI hasn’t forgotten about, it’s definitely the overclocking crowd. Besides launching a series of motherboards for the Z97 platform, MSI has also added a number of features to make overclocking a lot simpler, regardless if you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran. MSI has always cited support of overclocking as one of its core principles, and this is one of the reasons why it has so much support in the enthusiast community.


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