Antec tie-up with Team Brutality for promoting PC Gaming products

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Antec announced its tie-up with Team Brutality for promoting its PC Gaming products namely Power Supplies, Cabinets, Cooling and Accessories in the India marketTeam Brutality is one of the top PC gaming teams in India and has participated and won in many national and international PC gaming tournaments.  Apart from being a gaming team, Team Brutality is also actively involved in promoting the esports culture in India which is now gaining momentum with many tournaments held across India annually.
With this tie-up, Antec Inc. plans to be more aggressive in India to offer a variety of award winning gaming PSUs, Cabinets & Cooling products to customers in India. Educating the gaming customers about its products offerings and opening up conversations will be some of the key highlights of this tie-up.
Commenting on the tie-up, Mamta Bhatia Fernandes, Marketing Head – India, Antec Inc. said, “We are delighted to tie up with a strong gaming team like Brutality to be the Brand Ambassadors for our PC gaming products. This is our way to encourage the PC gaming as a sport and also create a great platform to engage with the gamers’ community in India. Antec along with Team Brutality will be actively involved to stress the importance of good quality PC Components for a great gaming experience. ”
Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth, one of the lead members of Team Brutality said, “When I think of brand Antec the feeling of optimism and joy immediately resonates. Antec gaming enclosure and PSU were the first ever products that I bought, when I began gaming professionally. I remember the sense of achievement that I felt. When I think about Antec, the first few things that come to my mind are Innovation, Performance, Unbeatable style and above all passion. I have been a huge fan of Antec since then, one of the most aspirational and iconic brands in the world and we, at Team Brutality are glad to finally get associated with them. Me and my team are really enjoying the Antec experience and will make them proud.”

HP expanded its digital press portfolio at Dscoop Asia 2014

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HP expanded its digital press portfolio with new HP Indigo solutions to offer customers increased productivity, simplified color management and new capabilities for high-value applications.Building on the success of the flagship HP Indigo 7000 and WS6000 Digital Press series, which have more than 2,000 installations worldwide, new additions include:      The sheet-fed HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press offering printing companies a range of new capabilities, including the ability to print directly on synthetic substrates and plastic cards, and a new color management experience with an in-line spectrophotometer.The roll-fed HP Indigo WS6800 Digital Press that offers label and packaging converters faster turnaround times through automated color management, a wider frame and new ink capabilities for expanded applications.
“Our customers are always considering ways to improve productivity and diversify applications so they can deliver more value to brands and end customers,” said Roy Eitan, director and general manager, Graphics Solutions Business – HP Indigo and Inkjet Digital Press Solutions, Asia Pacific and Japan. “The latest releases of our industry-leading portfolio demonstrate our commitment to providing customers state-of-the-art digital printing technology to meet these needs, while also offering an upgrade path that helps protect their capital investments.”
Dscoop Asia 2014 attendees will be the first in the world to see both the HP Indigo 7800 and WS6800 Digital Presses. The presses will also be showcased at ExpoPrint Latin America, Labelexpo Americas and GRAPH EXPO 2014.
The HP Indigo 7800 Digital Press provides general commercial printers improved productivity, simplified color management and an expanded application gamut.
Offering direct printing on synthetic substrates with One Shot Color technology, the HP Indigo 7800 enables printing companies to print high-value applications, such as plastic cards, overlays, lenticular applications, point-of-sale, premium postcards and more. The press supports HP Indigo ElectroInk Digital Matte for spot coating effects on glossy substrates in addition to other special inks, including HP Indigo ElectroInk Invisible Red and Light Black. The press also features unique special effects for high value applications, including raised print, textured effects and digital water marks.
The HP Indigo 7800 provides automated on-press color management based on an in-line spectrophotometer. Eliminating the need for manual color manipulations, the in-line spectrophotometer and color management tools help to ensure the best possible match to hard-copy proofs, color uniformity within a page, and color consistency between presses and sites to meet strict brand guidelines. The spectrophotometer also streamlines the process for color standards certifications, such as GRACoL and FOGRA.

DIGILITE launches 4th Generation Intel Motherboards Series

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DIGILITE the motherboard brand of Smartlink Network Systems Ltd. introduced five new models of motherboards supporting Intel 4th generation Haswell CPU supported with H81/H87 chipset. DIGILITE will be targeting channel & value segment with its motherboard DL-H81-M4,  performance segment with DL-H81-M1, government segment with DL-H81M-GL and DL-H87M and have introduced DL-Q87M-VPRO for high end segment core i5/i7.

Mr. Rajan Sharma, VP – Sales, DIGILITE stated, “DIGILITE has been highly successful in the motherboards product segment. Our products have been very well accepted by the channel and end customers. DIGILITE has been working closely with Intel and launching new models of Intel 4th Generation motherboards with the prime objective giving our customers the next generation motherboards.”

All the five motherboards supports Intel Core 4th Generation i7/i5/i3/Pentium/Celeron CPU in 1150-Pin socket. All models feature DDR3 (1600MHz) DIMM slots for up to 16GB RAM, one PCI-Express x16 (@x16) slot and two SATA 6Gbit/s ports and also include the latest UEFI BIOS, Realtek High Definition Audio and USB 3.0 for super fast data transfer.

Availability: All these motherboards are available through INGRAM MICRO, REDINGTON, SUPERTRON

QNAP Launches High-Performance & Scalable TS-ECx80U-RP Series

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QNAP Systems, Inc. officially launched four new business-class Turbo NAS models: TS-EC880U-RP, TS-EC1280U-RP, TS-EC1680U-RP, and TS-EC2480U-RP. Delivering high-performance, extreme scalability options and a wide array of applications to drive businesses, these models easily fulfill mission-critical storage needs of businesses, with persistent throughput to balance resource-demanding applications.
Equipped with a Quad-Core Intel Xeon 3.4GHz processor, 4GB DDR3 ECC RAM and with 10GbE-readiness and SSD caching options (including up to two internal mSATA slots), these models are capable of providing up to 3,700 MB/s throughput and 410,000 IOPS to boost the workflow of IOPS-demanding applications such as virtualization and data center deployment. With a scalable design, administrators can gradually expand their total storage to over 680TB raw capacity (depends on models) on demand by connecting multiple QNAP RAID expansion enclosures (REXP-1600U-RP and REXP-1200U-RP). With this flexibility, businesses can be confident that these models will suit their storage requirements both now and in the future.
“In order to smooth business growth, companies need a great solution with high-performance hardware and business-class software to support their day-to-day operations as well as the scalability options to ensure their growth not hampered by lack of data storage,” said David Tsao, product manager of QNAP. “With the support of high-capacity, low-cost SATA hard drives for large data archiving and high-speed, and high stability SSDs for I/O-intensive operations, these new Turbo NAS models provide a wide range of options to assist businesses to meet all of their storage requirements.”
With the new IT Management Station (powered by Mandriva Pulse) the TS-ECx80U-RP series provides an IT system management solution to simplify daily tasks and IT asset management for businesses of all sizes. With the IT Management Station, businesses can centralize their management of multi-OS and multi-site IT assets with numerous business applications including comprehensive inventory, centralized software deployment & updates, imaging, remote management and support, backup & restore, and more

Silicon Power Releases the Ultra-fast USB 3.0 Flash Drive—Marvel M70

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Toshiba Storage with Rashi Team began a 4 city training program from Ahmedabad and ended in Indore to answer all the queries and educate partners regarding the latest development in technology for the surveillance market. The partners were excited as they had this unique opportunity to interact with the vendor at one on one basis. This is an important exercise for the partners since this can help make a better and well informed decision for the end consumer.

The 4 city training program was a start to share all the latest that the surveillance specific storage market has to offer. This training program began in Ahmedabad followed by Rajkot then moving to Nagpur and concluding in Indore. The training has been helpful to know the importance of surveillance and surveillance hard drives in this day and age. Partners were equally enthusiastic for the training and showed their support by arriving in large numbers. In Ahmedabad about 60 partners attended the program and Rajkot received over-whelming response of more than 80 partners whereas Nagpur answered queries of about 60 partners present in the event. Indore was also very responsive for the surveillance market by nearly 50 partners showing up on the event with full participation.

Mr. Dinesh Malhotra from Robocam Intelligent Security, Ahmedabad says “The training was very useful for us and helped us understand the product better. The whole team was ready to answer all our queries and listen to our doubts. The products showcased during the program were latest and will help us inform our customers in a better way. Since the event we have added Toshiba drives in our line of products and they are doing well.”

Mr. Polad Garda, Manager Marketing, Toshiba Storage Devices, says “We were happy to see a good turnout with such participative audience. Some partners were thrilled to know about the Toshiba hard drive specifically made for Surveillance Systems & Video Stream applications with various features and a large range of multiple storage capacities.”

Mr. Rajesh Goenka, VP- Sales and Marketing, Rashi Peripherals adds “Toshiba and Rashi team have travelled all the 4 cities and returned with good appreciation from the partners for this initiative. The number of partners attending range from 50 to 80 partners that too in all non-metro cities is a positive feedback in itself. We hope to plan for many such training programs to educate more partners about these latest products and technological development as much as possible.”

AOC introduces AOC g2460Pg a new premium gaming monitor

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With the g2460Pg, display specialist AOC introduces a new premium gaming monitor with an impressive array of high-end technological features for a true state-of-the-art gaming experience. Thanks to the integrated NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, the AOC g2460Pg immerses the player into intense gaming action without lag, as control inputs are reflected on-screen instantly.

An ultra-smooth refresh rate of 144 Hz, an outstanding response time of only 1 ms and super-fast DisplayPort input enhance the experience even further, effectively eliminating motion blur and screen tearing. In order to create a perfect environment for gamers, the g2460Pg boasts a Full HD widescreen TN panel with the ideal gaming size of 24" (61 cm).

Smooth images for smooth action
Just as the award-winning g2460Pqu myUltraSpeed, the new g2460Pg from AOC's Style Line boasts an extensive array of impressive specs in order to offer a true state-of-the-art gaming experience. The extremely short response time of just 1 ms effectively eliminates ghosting effects, guaranteeing crisp and clear images even in the most intense in-game situations. This way, the player is left without the distraction of motion blur, and can fully focus on the action. This competitive advantage over other players is even enhanced by the outstandingly quick refresh rate of 144 Hz. The g2460Pg redraws the screen more than twice as fast as conventional 60 Hz displays, making eye fatigue and screen tearing problems of the past. Gone are the days of missed targets because of stuttering images that can occur on monitors with low refresh rates. In addition, the integrated DisplayPort connector is the ideal input option for fast and seamless image transmission. Not only do the in-game environments come to life in one super-smooth movement, but also at a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution and in vibrant, bright colours, thanks to a luminosity of 350 cd/cm².

Lag-free gaming with NVIDIA G-SYNC
To immerse the player even more into the game, the g2460Pg boasts the innovative new G-SYNC technology from expert graphics card manufacturer NVIDIA. The G-SYNC module built into the monitor takes gaming to a new level by synchronising the display refresh rates to the graphics card's GPU. This way, nothing comes between the player and the game anymore, as control inputs are reflected immediately on-screen, creating a true real-time experience with no lag.

Creating the perfect gaming desktop
Eliminating distractions is key to succeed in any game. A desktop cluttered with cables can distract the player and compromise the immersion into the game world. The g2460Pg takes care of this issue, with a nifty cable guide on the stand. A wide array of ergonomic options such as tilt, swivel, height-adjustment and pivot empower gamers to adapt the monitor to their individual needs. The screen size of 24" (61 cm) is ideal for hard-core gamers used to sitting close to the screen during extended play sessions. In addition, the integrated USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports allow for fast data transfer, charging mobile devices or other tasks.

Easy on the eyes, easy on the environment
The g2460Pg's impressive performance does not come at the cost of sustainability. It comes with the intelligent software solutions Eco Mode and e-Saver to drive down energy consumption. The display also fulfills strict regulations such as EnergyStar 6.0 and TCO 6.0. As with all of its monitors, AOC offers a 3 year warranty with on-site exchange service.

WD introduced My Book Duo, desktop storage solutions

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WD introduced My Book Duo, the newest member of its award-winning line of desktop storage solutions for home and office. Utilizing two drives, hardware-level RAID and USB 3.0, My Book Duo delivers massive capacity and file transfer speeds not available on single-drive solutions. Available in 4 TB[1], 6 TB and 8 TB capacities, My Book Duo also comes with free software that creates secure local, cloud and system-level backups for complete data protection.

“From creative pros and expert consumers to everyday content creators – people with large amounts of data will find My Book Duo the fast and reliable way to offload content from their computers, organize it in a single location and protect it with backups, passwords and encryption,” said Jim Welsh, executive vice president of content solutions and worldwide sales at WD. “My Book Duo offers super-fast transfer speeds, massive capacity and integrated WD Red drives to provide the ultimate desktop storage solution for all your digital libraries.”

My Book Duo’s dual-drive design offers superior performance with USB 3.0 connection to enable transfer speeds up to 290 MB/s. Optimized for small RAID environments, the integrated WD Red hard drives with true hardware RAID increase performance and reduce data bottlenecks.

Preconfigured in RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) 0 for maximum performance and capacity, My Book Duo offers users the flexibility to take advantage of mirror mode (RAID 1) for ultimate data protection or use JBOD configuration to use the drives individually. In mirror mode (RAID 1) the drives continuously maintains a second copy of all digital files for real-time data backup. One drive is used to store the user’s data while the second drive is used for a duplicate copy. In the unlikely event that one drive fails, all of the user’s data is still available from the other drive.

Genius has launched its new ultra- thin and high capacity power bank, the ECO – u306, to keep your smart devices running, round the clock.   At 10 mm, the ECO-u306 is one of the slimmest power banks in its category and boasts of  a powerful 3000 mAh.
Reliable and safe to use, these high quality   external batteries come sports a  single USB port with a stable 1 amp current to power your smartphone quickly. The power banks come with an built-in micro USB cable, which is easy to connect to your micro USB device anytime, anywhere. Additionally, the ECO –u306 sports a smart LED power capacity indicator.
Commenting on the launch, Gaurav Mathur, Country Business Head (India), Genius, said,      ‘We at Genius take pride in understanding the needs of our customers. Smart phones and tablets are power hungry devices, more so with loads of apps that run on them. As a jet setting professional, the need to be connected while on the go, is paramount. The ECO – u306 is the perfect fit, with a high power capacity of upto 3000mAh and is easy to carry around, thanks to  the ultra thin design. Affordably priced, the ECO –u306 is designed for the new age mobile Indian, who is price conscious, yet equally discerning when it comes to quality, functionality and design.

Violin Memory®, Inc., (NYSE: VMEM), a leading provider of all-flash storage arrays and appliances delivering application solutions for the enterprise, announced global availability of enterprise data services software on the Concerto™ 7000 All Flash Array.

The comprehensive data services software includes synchronous and asynchronous replication and stretch metro cluster capabilities. Storage snapshots, thin provisioning, LUN and capacity expansion, as well as advanced data protection and storage scaling are also available. These enterprise data services will enhance business agility allowing enterprises and cloud providers to consolidate data center resources and open up new business opportunities.

“The Concerto 7000 All Flash Array helps our customers deliver ‘Business in a Flash’, by transforming IT resources into competitive assets that create new possibilities based on the performance, data protection, and transactional capabilities we design into our all-flash solutions,” said Violin Memory CEO Kevin DeNuccio.

Several critical elements of Violin’s Concerto enterprise data services software, including continuous data protection, WAN optimized replication and in-flight encryption can all be configured on a LUN-by-LUN basis, giving customers the ability to tailor the Concerto solution to their unique deployment and data center requirements.

Granular control of software features is important to support a varied, heavy enterprise multi-application workload and move beyond point products only appropriate for single applications. The breadth and granular manageability of the Concerto 7000 software provides the optimal platform for mixed and multiple workloads in enterprise and cloud environments.

The Concerto 7000 All Flash Array hardware platform, based on Violin’s Flash Fabric Architecture™, delivers micro-second latency and lower cost-per-transaction for demanding mixed and multiple cloud, enterprise and virtualized applications. The result for IT organizations and their line-of-business customers can be up to 20x faster application response times while using 90 percent less floor space, power and cooling.

“Vendors need to provide a true enterprise class offering built around flash optimized architectures. The hallmark of today’s enterprise class workhorses is their ability to host mixed multiple workloads while delivering the reliability, availability, scalability and management features that data center applications require,” said Eric Burgener, IDC analyst. “Once vendors deliver mature flash-based products with these features the all-flash data center becomes a distinct reality.”

The Violin Concerto 7000 All Flash Array is now available worldwide. Raw capacity scales to 280TB in a fully configured, super-dense 18RU, low power footprint. Customers can also upgrade to these powerful business continuity, high-resiliency, efficiency, protection and scaling capabilities on their current 6000 series all-flash array solutions with the Concerto 7000 upgrade kit for the 6000 All Flash Array family.


LAPCARE Announces Football League Contest

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LAPCARE announced the football league contest for all football fans for this season of football fever 2014 on their Facebook page.Barkha Bosman, Marketing Head at LAPCARE India Pvt. Ltd said, “It’s a pleasure for Lapcare to host a unique contest on Football- first of its kind. We welcome the members on Lapcare’s Facebook page and all the football fans, they will get a chance to win Lapcare products by redeeming the points earned by answering questions. We promise to design similar exciting and interesting contest to build stronger bonding with our esteemed customers.”
This Football season, football fanatics all over India, get a chance to win exclusive gifts from LAPCARE – a customer friendly brand. Customers get to earn points on answering football related questions on daily contest by Lapcare. Also every week there will be few booster questions, which will give the chance to the contestants to win extra points to increase their chance of winning the contest. The contest will run till July 14, 2014. These points can be used by the customers to redeem Lapcare products. Lapcare’s Facebook page benefits both the Football fans and Lapcare’s customers .

Plustek Announces New MobileOffice S601 Scanner

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Plustek Technology Inc. is pleased to announce  the new Plustek MobileOffice S601 portable A6 sized ID card and license scanner. The Plustek MobileOffice S601 has about same footprint as a smart phone and will scan a card less than 5 seconds.  It is ideal for scanning licenses, ID cards, business cards, receipts, as well as checks and deposit slips.
Plustek MobileOffice S601 is designed to capture critical identification documents in healthcare, banking, hospitality, visitor access control and other applications where ID cards are frequently used.
The MobileOffice S601 includes two programmable one-touch scan buttons that enable you to start scanning by simply pressing a button.   To create a Searchable PDF or image of the ID, simply load the card and press a button.  The MobileOffice S601 also features advanced image processing that allows you to scan ID cards/driver’s licenses and embossed plastic cards with no adjustments. Images are automatically straightened, rotated and adjusted for exposure. The result is smaller file sizes and more accurate data extraction.
Industry standard TWAIN drivers simplify integration into your application.  Plustek has APIs and deployment tools available to facilitate integration and easy installation.

Philips announces two new PowerSensor displays

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Philips announces two new PowerSensor displays that use intuitive human sensor technology to detect user presence and automatically reduce monitor brightness when users step away, reducing energy consumption by up to 80 percent while prolonging the life of the monitor. The eco-friendly 24- and 27-inch displays utilize the LCD backlight for better dimming control and offer superior color reproduction.

The Philips PowerSensor displays’ ergonomic design is ideal for work, home, gaming and creative editing environments. The monitors’ SmartErgoBase allows for height, swivel, tilt and rotation angle adjustments to position the displays for maximum comfort throughout the work day. The user-friendly monitors also offer SmartImage technology, which dynamically optimizes the screen for ultimate display performance based on the application in use. And with SmartContrast capabilities, the Philips PowerSensor displays automatically adjust colors and backlight intensity to dynamically enhance contrast for ultimate digital image and video viewing. Additionally, the included DisplayPort technology supports up to 15 meter cables and 10.8 Gbps/sec data transfer. With higher capabilities than DVI standard, you get the fastest imaging and refresh rates, making it the best choice for general use, as well as gaming, movie and editing needs.

"Sustainability and cost savings are two top priorities for businesses and IT pros, and the Philips PowerSensor displays help ease both those concerns,"” said Chris Brown, TPV Global Product Marketing. "The displays’ intuitive human sensors do the work for you so you don’t have to consciously close down your computer when you step away for meetings. Plus, you’re not only you cutting energy costs, you’re also extending the life of the monitor.”"

The 24-inch Philips PowerSensor monitor is TCO Edge certified, meaning that the product uses a minimum of 65 percent post-consumer recycled plastics, is highly energy efficient, and has 100 percent recyclable packaging. At the flick of the 0 watt hard switch, you can completely cut-off the monitor from AC power. This results in zero power consumption reducing your carbon footprint even further. The 24-inch display also offers a USB Hub, allowing users to conveniently connect their devices with charging capabilities. The display offers a 5 ms response time, 250 cd/m2 brightness and a 1000:1 typical contrast ratio, while displaying 16.7M colors. The 24-inch Philips PowerSensor display also includes a pair of high quality speakers to enhance your sound experience when watching videos and playing games.

The 27-inch Philips PowerSensor monitor also offers a 5 ms response time, 1000:1 typical contrast ratio and 16.7M colors. Like the 24-inch model, the display is EPEAT GOLD certified to ensure protection for human health and the environment. The EPEAT program helps purchasers evaluate, compare and select monitors based on 51 environmental criteria supported by the U.S. EPA. GOLD certification is the highest level for electronic products designated for highly energy efficient models that ensure low emissions of greenhouse gases.

NVIDIA launched the world’s first 64-bit ARM development systems for high performance computing

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NVIDIA announced that multiple server vendors are leveraging the performance of NVIDIAR GPU accelerators to launch the world’s first 64-bit ARM development systems for high performance computing (HPC).ARM64 server processors were primarily designed for micro-servers and web servers because of their extreme energy efficiency.

Now, they can tackle HPC-class workloads when paired with GPU accelerators using the NVIDIA CUDAR 6.5 parallel programming platform, which supports 64-bit ARM processors. GPUs provide ARM64 server vendors with the muscle to tackle HPC workloads, enabling them to build high-performance systems that maximize the ARM architecture’s power efficiency and system configurability.

“NVIDIA has built the industry’s most comprehensive accelerated computing platform – including servers, software, development tools, processors, and related technologies -optimized for the HPC industry,” said Ian Buck, vice president of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA. “GPUs are the enabling technology that allows server vendors to build HPC-class systems around flexible ARM64 processors. The result is new, highly innovative computing solutions for HPC.”

Canon India “Adopt a Village” in Karnataka

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After successfully implementing its ‘Adopt a village’ program near Delhi, Canon India today announced the adoption of Maharaja Katte Village at Kanakapura district of Bangalore. The campaign, which has been launched under iCare, the CSR wing of Canon India, aims to support the village with core interventions in Education Environment and Eye care for a period of three years. Canon India has been involved in various community welfare programs in the past and this project is an attempt to build a progressive self-reliant rural community.

With the adoption of the village school as the first step in this direction, Canon India
focuses to improve the quality of education that would positively affect the lives of children in the school adopted in the village. The school adoption program by Canon India aims to educate and provide better infrastructure to make the school more conducive to learning and fun to attend.  Canon aims to expand facilities in this school by way of an  activity centre for children with sports equipment, art and craft material and books, drawing books and colours.

Speaking on the occasions, Mr. Kazutada Kobayashi, President and CEO, Canon India said, “We, at Canon, believe that organizations should focus not only on the economic well-being of the nation it operates in, but also upon its social fabric. As a responsible business, Canon India takes pride in being socially inclined and focuses on sustained and effective CSR projects. In line with this thought process, Canon has created this unique CSR initiative, where we adopt a village to bring about a big transformation in the lives of the people living here. The project involves engagement with children to enhance their education as well as providing eye care facilities and supporting the environment in the village. The first village we adopted was near Delhi and today is a proud day for us as we are expanding this project to its 2nd phase and focusing our energies in Bangalore. With the adoption of a Higher Secondary School, we plan to provide the best of facilities to the students of Maharaja Katte village.

As a part of a holistic development plan for the village, Canon India will work in the area of improving enrolment of children in the school and facilitating inclusive and quality education to optimize age-appropriate learning of each child.  We wish to equip these children to continue their further studies in a public school. We will also plant trees in the village to improve the environment conditions and finally, we are setting up a vision centre to provide eye care facilities to the village and surrounding areas.”

As a part of the immediate steps at the village school, Canon India seeks to implement a wide range of activities to improve the quality of education for all children. This will include need analysis of children, teachers, school, family members of children and community; construction of a resource  centre for activity learning; provision of safe drinking water; improving general sanitation; sensitisation of teachers, parents and community members; community education; active advocacy and involvement of local government machinery, especially education authorities for school improvement. In view of the lack of healthcare facilities available in the village, Canon will also establish a ‘Vision Centre’ which will serve as a primary health centre providing comprehensive eye check-ups to all sections of the village community. This Vision Centre will also extend its services to the cluster villages around the Maharaja Katte village.

“Our CSR policy reflects our corporate philosophy of “Kyosei” which means living and working together for the common good”. Through this project we are aiming to adopt villages in different parts of the country and contribute to the well-being of the community as well help them become self-sustainable after a while. We also hope to create goodwill from this initiative and earn more customers for our company. We believe that we should create pride in the minds of all those, who associate with us and such community initiatives bring a positive vibe to our business”.Mr.Kobayashi further added.

New designed USB 3.0 portable hard drive—Diamond D06 launched by SP

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Silicon Power, launches the new designed USB 3.0 portable hard drive—Diamond D06. Well-known for its infinite creativity, SP can always amaze users with distinctive and impressive product designs. This time, SP introduces Diamond D06 that takes on a whole new twist for storage devices with classic diamond-check pattern and extremely light-weighted design. Not just a drive, Diamond D06 is an expression and a statement of your impeccable taste for fashion. Along with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 transfer interface and large capacities, Diamond D06 fulfills all the desires for beauty and superiority.

Featuring classic diamond-check pattern, SP Diamond D06 reduces the size and weight in 30%, which fully realizes the real portability and functionality for easy carrying and instant memory expansion. Furthermore, Diamond D06 is given a delicate treatment of matte surface that can not only show the classy gesture but also offer complete protections against fingerprints, dirt and scratches. Diamond D06 is especially designed with the intelligent LED indicator by which users can easily tell the transferring status with a simple glance.
In addition to splendid designs and sophisticated craftsmanship, SP Diamond D06 applies the SuperSpeed USB 3.0 transfer interface which delivers surprisingly high transfer rate up to 5Gbps (Read/Write), also ten times the speed of USB 2.0. Moreover, Diamond D06 is perfectly green and time-saving with the sleep mode that can greatly reduce power consumption and avoid unnecessary waits for reboot. To better satisfy users’ different mobile needs, Diamond D06 USB 3.0 portable hard drive offers three capacity options of 500GB, 1TB and 2TB. All Silicon Power portable hard drive products are backed by a 3-year warranty and come with the exclusive free download software—SP Widget, which provides seven major backup and security tools, and a 60-day trial version of NIS (Norton Internet Security).

ZOTAC Releases GeForce GT 730 Series

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ZOTAC International released the GeForce GT 730 series graphics cards that enhance your everyday computing experience. The ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 series arrives in a variety of configurations with DDR5 or DDR3 memory, standard or low-profile, and active or passive cooled to upgrade the visual computing experience in any PC.
“ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 series graphics cards are an easy upgrade to expand the features and capabilities of a PC,” says Carsten Berger, senior director, ZOTAC International. “It instantly adds triple display support, high-quality HD video playback and high-speed video transcoding capabilities quickly.”
The ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 series delivers incredible features that elevate daily computing. Multi monitor support enables the ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 series to maximize productivity with up to three simultaneous monitors. High-speed video transcoding capabilities simplifies video conversion with the ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 series to quickly share videos online or experience it on portable smartphones and tablets. HD video decode acceleration ensures smooth and crystal clear playback of all major video formats on the ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 series.

Supertron Organized Annual Business Meet at Pattya-Bangkok

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Supertron Electronics Pvt Ltd (SEPL) organized Annual Business Meet recently at Pattaya All Seasons Hotels, Outside India to celebrate their continuous growth in IT Industry and achieving 1500 cr milestone. Total 80 team members attended the meet to discuss future business strategy, planning & action points.
Mr. V. K. Bhandari, CMD of SEPL had given a unique speech for future road map emphasizing on inter personalized skills, motivation and leadership qualities, he had given an example of common areas in  T20 cricket match with  SEPL business functions specially in product selling.
He also highlighted the areas in optimization of resources such as product, fund, human resources and network.  SEPL has set up a target of 2000 crore in  IT vertical only for the FY 14-15  with a 33% growth and entire team has taken an oath to achieve this milestone. Mr. Vibhor Agarwal, Director Marketing discussed in details about the Industry, Opportunities and scope of improvement. Mr. Nirmal Kumar Meharia, Director Finance & administration has explained the financial part along with credit policy.
Supertron Annual Business Meet had the theme “Towards A Quantum Leap” all members were ready to take the leap from 1500 to 2000 cr. Company is eying for opportunities in smaller towns and wants to be closer to the customer and hence setting up 5 upcountry branches like Vijayawada, Madurai, Calicut, Hubli and Surat. SEPL also has plans to open satellite branches in Trivandrum, Jabalpur and Rajkot.
All product managers had shared the future business road map of their Products with clear growth opportunities. Meet also had elaborate interaction session on common issues and ways to address them. Individual performance awards in different functional areas were awarded to the deserving candidates and it was followed by celebrating gala night.

Toshiba Launches the ‘Greatest of All’ Laptop Range in India

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Toshiba India launched the all new range of laptops packed with the best technology, great features and exemplary looks, making it the ‘Greatest of all’ laptop range. The new range includes the WORLD’s FIRST Ultra HD 4K laptop with touch screen for an immersive  experience; new Satellite L Series laptops that are ‘Loaded like nothing Else[2]’; the new Satellite S Series laptops that feature a profile which ‘Redefines Slim Design’  and a new range of ‘Thin and Light’ ultra portable laptops. With the launch of the new range, Toshiba also marks its foray into two new segments in India – detachable hybrid laptops with Portégé Z10t-A & Satellite L30W, and a professional workstation delivering mighty performance – Tecra W50.
Unveiling the new ‘Greatest Of All’ laptop range, Sanjay Warke, Country Head, Toshiba India – DS Division said, “Toshiba has a rich heritage of continuously bringing meaningful technology innovations that set new industry benchmarks and making products with impeccable quality and exceptional performance. Bringing the latest technology, style and comfort to our customers is a part of Toshiba’s DNA and we are continuing to push the envelope. Customers in India are far more aware of the global trends and have an appetite to accept and appreciate a refined experience. At Toshiba, we operate and understand both TV and PC business and we realize that customers are increasingly embracing Ultra HD 4K technology, as it enables a whole new level of immersive experience that draws viewers in, with the amazing detail and clarity. We have applied our technology expertise and years of research to incorporate the new technology dimensions to bring an Ultra HD 4K experience to laptops as well.”
Commenting on the launch, Sivakumar, Vice President – Sales & Marketing, PC Business – DS Division, Toshiba India said, “The Indian consumers have come a long way from using laptops as just performance machines and see laptops as complete entertainment devices today. At Toshiba, we understand this consumer evolution and to deliver an unparalleled sensory experience which is at the centre of their digital entertainment life, we have created products that offer great sound by collaborating with other leading technology brands like Harman Kardon, Onkyo, Skullcandy and DTS; best visual quality by employing our Ultra HD expertise to bring the World’s First Ultra HD 4K laptop; impressive looks and aesthetics by introducing the slim range of laptops; and offering immense value for money. With our new range we deliver a great value to the value conscious customers and the great World’s First technology to more discerning customers – thus creating a ‘Greatest of All’ range.”

QNAP Releases McAfee Antivirus for Turbo NAS with Limited-Time Special Offer

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QNAP Systems, Inc. announced the release of McAfee Antivirus for Turbo NAS systems. Available now with a limited-time special offer, QNAP users can protect their data using a world-leading antivirus solution that stays up-to-date with the latest virus definitions and can also heal infected files.
The threat of a virus infecting and corrupting data is a real and all too often harsh reality for both businesses and home users alike. With a subscription to McAfee Antivirus, QNAP users can ensure their data stays protected from viruses, heal currently-infected files and receive the latest definitions to combat present & future virus threats.
“Security is an important part of any NAS deployment since these heavily trafficked devices contain proprietary information which needs protecting,” said Thomas Moore, vice president of worldwide embedded sales at McAfee. “McAfee Antivirus stops malware before it can reach mission-critical data and scans every file that is added or modified on the storage system and safely quarantines all infected files in real-time. McAfee is working with QNAP to provide their users with a complete antivirus solution that will help safeguard their files and data from a potential virus infection.”

ADATA Raises Bar in Loyalty Program

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ADATA Technology announced the revamped incentive program– ‘ADATA Loyalty Program’ to its partners across India. Partners will be eligible for the loyalty bonus on the basis of reaching the specific monthly targets.
ADATA India has been running a back-end incentive program for its partners since January 2013. The redesigned program adds one more level called Spartans to its existing two levels – Gladiators and Warriors. The Spartan partners will be the top rung partners for ADATA India. The incentive calculation will be done on a monthly basis but the pay-outs will be done on quarterly basis.
Commenting on the program announcement, Sudip De, Vice President, at ADATA Technology said, “India is an important part of the overall APAC global strategy and we are constantly working to encourage and reward our partners who go the extra step. The scheme is aimed at motivating partners to reach out to as many end-users and push the sale to achieve and over-achieve their targets.”
ADATA recently has been adding impetus on its high end range of storage products specially the SSDs amongst the partners and the renewed focus on the loyalty program will add more value for the System integrators focusing on large corporate accounts and enterprise customers