ADATA Raises Bar in Loyalty Program

Posted by News Room On Tuesday, June 10, 2014 0 comments
ADATA Technology announced the revamped incentive program– ‘ADATA Loyalty Program’ to its partners across India. Partners will be eligible for the loyalty bonus on the basis of reaching the specific monthly targets.
ADATA India has been running a back-end incentive program for its partners since January 2013. The redesigned program adds one more level called Spartans to its existing two levels – Gladiators and Warriors. The Spartan partners will be the top rung partners for ADATA India. The incentive calculation will be done on a monthly basis but the pay-outs will be done on quarterly basis.
Commenting on the program announcement, Sudip De, Vice President, at ADATA Technology said, “India is an important part of the overall APAC global strategy and we are constantly working to encourage and reward our partners who go the extra step. The scheme is aimed at motivating partners to reach out to as many end-users and push the sale to achieve and over-achieve their targets.”
ADATA recently has been adding impetus on its high end range of storage products specially the SSDs amongst the partners and the renewed focus on the loyalty program will add more value for the System integrators focusing on large corporate accounts and enterprise customers


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