PowerSafe Launches Porta-Solar UPS

Posted by News Room On Tuesday, July 8, 2014 0 comments
PowerSafe, the established UPS brand from Kunhar Peripherals adds a unique offering to its current portfolio of UPS; Porta-Solar UPS. Known for its extensive R&D and churning out high quality and energy efficient products, KPPL once again launches a portable solar UPS; possibly the first of its kind in the market.
A portable solar lighting solution, the Porta Solar offers charging 3 mobile phones, 3 CFL bulbs and 1 DC fan all at the same time. Due to its portable nature; weighing 3 kgs – it’s a perfect companion for emergent lighting, house lighting and even camping.
Compatible with PV modules to utilize solar power, the users can alternatively charge the battery with AC utility if sun energy is not sufficient. Apart from the available external battery, there is an option to further attach additional battery. The powerful 70W UPS providing a power back-up of 6-7 hours comes at a very humble price of Rs. 5000/- which makes it a value proposition for target segments like – gram panchayat, street lighting and government offices in the rural areas, hawkers/street vendors as well as small shops and micro enterprises.
The Porta – Solar comes packed with advanced features like Off-Mode charging, Overload protection in battery mode and short circuit protection as well as a 3-step charging design for extended battery life. Kunhar Peripherals offers a 2 year warranty on the battery as well as the UPS for Porta Solar.


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