Thecus Announces Unrefusable offer

Posted by News Room On Wednesday, July 9, 2014 0 comments
Apical announced that Network attached storage expert Thecus releases its newest and award winning 5bay NAS N5550 server, at the price of 4-bay NAS to lead the competition.Powered by Intel Atom CPU this NAS is designed to work without fans which reduces noise and power consumption.
Associated with large amounts of DDR3, Intel® Atom™ CPUs will provide much better performance and boosts the best performance with a great price, without entering larger bay units. With McAfee pre-embedded in NAS the user’s sensitive data are completely secured.The PCI-e slot enables the blazing fast protocol on this NAS also the USB 3.0 provides 10 times faster transfer rate when compared to USB 2.0.
The N5550 also supports VGA output for attaching traditional televisions, projectors and monitors.VGA output makes this 5-bay NAS convenient to display presentation or media files when HDMI is not on hand. Users can attach speakers directly to the N5550 NAS to play audio files which make managing of media and audio files very simple. Ideal for small installations and/or mobile users, these features are designed to lower the total cost of ownership of user’s network architecture.


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