PQI Unveils Flash Drive, U605L

Posted by News Room On Monday, September 29, 2014 0 comments
PQI has introduced the U605L Flash Drive globally, to allow consumers to enjoy the final days of a wonderful summer and experience the joy and beauty of summertime in all its splendor. The globally launched U605L Flash Drive was designed with the concept of “Exploring the World in a Boat” in mind, presenting a classic style of ocean and sea. The PQI U605L is small, lightweight, and extremely easy to carry around. It will easily fit in with your individual style and taste, and is the best accessory for your laptop computer. Although summer is coming to an end and autumn is approaching, the PQI U605L will make you feel like you are still on the beach being caressed by the summer breeze.
The U605L Flash Drive incorporates PQI’s patented exclusive COB packaging technology as well as a USB2.0 communication interface, not only solving the problem of overheating during data transfer, but also eliminating the issue of being unable to read data due to high-frequency noise. The U605L is perfect for use with thin and lightweight Ultrabooks, tablets, or laptop computers.
The U605L Flash Drive’s design is based on a classic seafaring look and style. The body of the flash drive is made from silicone, while its cute and playful design also provides protection for the drive. The U605L’s capacity ranges from 4G to 32G to suit the needs of different customers. PQI’s patented COB unique packaging technology is both waterproof and shockproof, protecting your data from water damage and giving you peace of mind. The thoughtful bottom plug design is not only cute and playful, but also provides useful functionality that prevents the cap from being lost.
Looking at the U605L Flash Drive’s classic seafaring style and design, you will feel as if you were on a stretch of a beach with golden sand, with the beautiful deep-blue sea right in front of your eyes; a boat flows past you and a sailor is singing with a smile on his face. The PQI U605L Flash Drive’s “sailor in the ocean” style and design along with its red and blue colors lets you enjoy a bit of fun in your busy and hectic life, as if you were enjoying a comfortable ocean breeze!


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