ZyXEL Offers One Network Utility

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ZyXEL introduces ZyXEL One Network’ (ZON) utility for small and medium size businesses which breaks the common approach with an user-friendly interface to help administrators to easily deploy and assign IPs for devices across different product ranges such as Wi-Fi APs, switches and gateways with exactly ‘one single platform.’
The new application streamlines the initial setup process, provides single point management, facilitates smart and true integration and, of course, come entirely free of cost, unlike other players.
“Biggest challenge for MSME businesses deploying a network is that networking devices like switches or Wi-Fi APs come with a static default IP address for management or need to configure a DHCP environment for these devices. This promotes need to take time and patience to power up and then assign IP addresses to dozens of devices. ZyXEL ONE Network (ZON) is one clear solution to that,” says Gurnek Singh Thiara, senior technocrat at ZyXEL, New Delhi.
Gurnek says that presently, administrators have to power up each device to change IP settings repeatedly, or use several utilities or heavy NMS to deploy a network as well as to add new devices to the current network. The ZON utility not only enables auto-discovery of ZyXEL devices across different product ranges instantly, but also displays detailed device information once it is plugged to the infrastructure. This new breakthrough allows network setup through the single-point interface that significantly reduces complexity and time spent on repetitive settings.
Vide ‘Single-Point Management’ system, ZON also focuses to axe out complications and time-consumptions arising out of increasing devices on the network. “The ZON utility features smart functions to assist network management for administrators to perform batch firmware upgrade for devices, remote reboot of devices such as ceiling APs or redirect to device GUI for further configuration with just a click. These troublesome but necessary management tasks can now be easily done through just one platform for Wi-Fi APs, switches and gateways,” says Gurnek.
The 25 year-old networking brand that tirelessly endeavoured to add another key feature to ZON -Smart and true integration. The utility not only eases the initial setup and future management for devices, but also brings access point information to the ZAC with just one click on a button of the ZON utility; with which administrators can configure multiple AP profiles including SSID, security, RADIUS, MAC filter and L2 isolation centrally. The seamless integration between ZON utility and ZAC facilitates network device management and the entire AP setup process.
Gurnek apprises, “ZyXEL One Network supports a flexible agile infrastructure that can respond quickly to business needs and drives down the Total Cost of Ownership of the network.”


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