EMC survey reveals 95% of companies in India see IT as strategic business lever

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EMC Corporation released the findings of a survey that asked IT decision makers in India for their perspective on IT’s role as an enabler of business change during the shift towards the mega trends of cloud, mobile, social and Big Data.
The impact of the mega trends has fundamentally changed the expectations of consumers and end-users who increasingly want to interact online, anytime and from anywhere, making IT more strategically important than ever before. IT has been focused on creating efficiencies and driving down cost. But the EMC Forum Survey reveals that in India, IT is now viewed as a strategic enabler to grow business and better connect with customers. The top three areas where these trends will have an impact are in: improving customer experience (52%), streamlining business functions and improving efficiencies (39%) and management of mission-critical business operations (34%).
Organizations are increasingly moving to the cloud, with 76% now agreeing that combining public and private cloud can improve security and agility. However, barriers will need to be overcome to achieve full potential.
Jeremy Burton, President, Products and Marketing, EMC Corporation, said, “Consumer expectations have undergone a radical shift. Consumers now expect to interact not only with each other, but with a multitude of organizations online, via mobile and at the speed of now. To remain relevant and competitive, businesses across every industry are reinventing their business models to handle extraordinary levels of consumer access, interaction and scale. For that reason, IT finds itself back in the driver’s seat, morphing from cost cutter to a true catalyst for change through the use of hybrid cloud and related technologies.”
Rajesh Janey, President, India and SAARC EMC, said, It is no surprise that businesses in India believe that IT is a key strategic enabler for business growth and are keen to take advantage of next generation technologies – including hybrid cloud solutions – to give their companies a competitive advantage. SMAC challenges enterprises to take advantage of the positive disruptions of the digital ecosystems. These technologies are quickly changing the way companies relate to their customers, interact with employees, and bring products and services to market as is highlighted by the survey. It is clear, that in order to redefine their business, IT departments will need to continuously develop skillsets that will help them keep up with innovation.


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