PNY Launches Duo-Link OU2 On-the-Go USB Flash Drive

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Life truly becomes “On-the-Go” with PNY’s Duo-Link OU2 flash drive.


Taipei, Taiwan, 29 October, 2014 - PNY, the leading manufacturer of memory products and PC peripherals, has recently launched the newest addition to their OTG flash drive range, the Duo-Link OU2. This thumb-sized adapter packs performance and speed in its petite size. It comes with dual USB connectors with USB and micro-USB ports, providing convenient data transfer and storage for PCs, notebooks, and Micro-USB OTG-compatible Android phones and tablets.
PNY’s Duo-Link OU2 flash drive enables transfer of videos, music, and photos from and between OTG-compatible Android devices while the USB 2.0 connector enables easy and fast storage of those files to and between desktop and laptop computers. The drive also doubles up as a convenient storage expansion for OTG-compatible Android phones and tablets to free up precious device memory.
Packaged in an exceptionally slim and minute design, it weighs at a mere 3.8g and measures at H 31mm x W 4.5mm x L 12mm. It comes with a convenient cap that protects your USB from dust and scratches whilst ensuring your files are safe and secure. A specially designed strip hole allows you to loop it around a string and use it as a lanyard or attached to bags, wallets and key chains. 
The Duo-Link OU2 is compatible with merely all smartphone models, tablets and others. It supports Android 4.0 later, and all Windows and Mac operating systems. Available in storage capacities ranging from 8GB to 64 GB, the OU2 comes in an extremely affordable price and is backed with a warranty of 2 years. 


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