PNY releases mobile In-Ear stereo canalphones Mic Plus+ series

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 PNY, the leading manufacturer of memory products and PC peripherals, has officially announced the Mic Plus+ series headphones, the latest addition to their popular In-Ear stereo headphones range. Available in two models-S205k and S205b, they come equipped with a one-remote and microphone for use with iPhone, iPad and other android phones for convenient, high-quality audio. PNY’s mobile In-Ear stereo Mic Plus+ Series headphones lets you take calls and switch back to your music with one-touch ease. Now enjoy your music with more range and dynamic sound quality.
Hands-free talking, one-button switching remote:
Specially designed to be used with smartphones and other mobile devices, the S205k/S205b features a one-touch switching remote control that can be easily used to play and pause music, answer or stop a phone call.  A built-in microphone in the remote offers crisp, clear sound for clear and uninterrupted phone conversations. The omnidirectional microphone picks up your voice clearly for hands-free talking, perfect for multitaskers. It is extremely lightweight and does not hurt your ears when used for long phone conversations during business meetings or while attending personal calls.
Cool and sporty baseball-hitting-bat design, silicone–tipped ear buds for extended comfort:     
It comes packaged in a unique and sporty bat-hitting-baseball design, inspired by America’s beloved sport. The earphones are available in two colours, black and blue. Silicone-tipped ear buds ensure they fit snugly in your ears, while its high-quality metal wires make them resilient to tugs or scratches. It also comes included with extra silicone ear buds in three sizes that can be adjusted to tailor a fit that’s right for you, so you can take calls and listen to music for long hours. 
Dynamic sound with noise isolation feature:
Noise cancellation feature eliminates background noise for a tonally balanced audio and superior audio fidelity.
Compatible with all models of mobile phones, smartphones:
The angled plug fits directly into mobile phones with recessed jacks, including iPhone, iPads, iPods, android phones and a wide range of other mobile phones. It can be availed in an affordable price and comes backed with PNY’s warranty of six months, within the date of purchase.
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