Xiaomi To Give Mi Fans Last Chance To Buy An Mi 3 Smartphone Today

Posted by News Room On Monday, October 6, 2014 0 comments
Disappointed Mi fans who were unsuccessful during previous Mi flash sales will today find a surprise waiting for them in their Flipkart carts. The Chinese smartphone maker has reportedly flown in its last stocks of Mi 3 smartphones and will be giving all those who didn’t make it at earlier sales a chance to buy the device.Obviously Xiaomi will be playing God here by being the one to decide who qualifies and who has tried repeatedly to purchase a smartphone but somehow has been unsuccessful. Indeed, there would be many since Xiaomi’s earlier flash sales that started with the Mi 3 smartphone did come in much smaller quantities than the current Redmi 1S.Xiaomi has a batch of 25,000 units which it will first push out to the carts of buyers whom they think have tried enough. If those buyers choose not to buy it within the allotted time frame, then the smartphone will automatically get pushed to the next batch of those who qualified.Indeed consumers will have already recieved an email by now informing them if they have qualified, but it goes to show that Xiaomi does indeed care about its Mi Fans. Whether those fans will take the bait and help Xiaomi empty its stockpile of Mi 3 smartphones, or choose to wait for the Mi 4, is something that will surface if there is another sale of Mi 3s post this.


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