Dell India announces Dell PC Literacy Week Program

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Dell India announced, the launch of ‘Dell PC Literacy Week’ Program, commemorating World Computer Literacy Day (December 2). A name to reckon with among PC users, Dell has been synchronizing its efforts in increasing PC awareness, usage and penetration in India, where less than 10% of the total population is benefiting from PC technology adoption.
The Dell PC Literacy Week (November 28-December 7), is being rolled out with the aim to encourage Computer Education for all. A 9 day exclusive PC Education celebration, Dell intends to capture the attention of existing and future PC users. A consumer engagement initiative, the program is aimed at promoting awareness about new and more efficient methods of computing. Given Dell’s increasing coverage across the country, the program has been designed to cover T1 – T3 markets.
The initiative designed around expanding the reach of PC to the masses is designed for online and offline engagement with PC users. The program aims to create awareness around the practical benefits of computing technology, security and manageability. In the pursuit of educating customers about modern computing, the engagement program is focused on sharing educational content for users like Tips & Tricks and Tech News through the Dell social media channels and with pre-loaded applications and content on new Dell products. With 290+ Dell Exclusive Stores participating across 125+ cities in India, consumers can walk into the store for; Exchange/buy backs offers, along with easy EMIs and free training on computer usage for self/family/kin.
According to Ritu Gupta, Director – Marketing, Consumer & Small Business, Dell India, “This program stems from Dell’s firm belief in enabling individuals with the power of technology. To this effect, it has been our endeavour to be widely present across India to make technology accessible on any platform of the user’s choice. With the Dell PC Literacy Week program, we want to communicate the benefits of PC technology and how a Computer in every household is the perfect companion for work, entertainment and business in everyday living. These efforts converge into our larger goal of enabling masses through initiatives which can enhance PC penetration in the country.”
“We want consumers to know that Dell not only provides the access point to technology, but is also the medium that aids the most efficient and beneficial usage of the power that computing can provide,” she added.
To further amplify the message on how Computer literacy can enable people, Dell will also be launching a 360 degree campaign including cinema & radio and Road shows in T2 and T3 markets to take the Dell PC Literacy Week program to the masses.


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