Cooler Master Launches its New Nepton 240M Liquid Cooler

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coolermaster-logoCooler Master, a leading provider of high-end chassis, PC thermal solutions and Gaming accessories proudly announces the launch of its new all-in-one liquid solution – The Nepton 240M. With the release of this new AIO, CM extends its range of easy-to-assemble thermal solution for DIY PC market.
Speaking on the occasion, Mr.Avinash Singh, Product Manager, Cooling said, “The Nepton series is a culmination of the feedback we received from our consumers on the Seidon series and some terrific technology innovation from Cooler Master. Nepton is the first AIO in the market concentrates on cutting down noise & vibration without compromising cooling performance. To begin with, we will bring the Nepton 240M which will be followed by the launch of Nepton 120XL soon. The Nepton 240M offers the lowest vibration pump head, extremely low noise Silencio fans, a superior processor block with Micro-Channel Technology and a powerful, but silent pump. The new Nepton will reinvent the AIO market in India”
Silence is Golden
Nepton offers the best balance of Performance and Silence amongst all the available AIOs in the market. Silence aside, the new Nepton 240M uses CM’s proprietary Silent Driver IC that results in extremely lower vibration of 10mg! Low vibration pumps not only improve overall silence, but ensure no ill-effects are transferred to the motherboard.
Silencio Fans
One key change compared to Seidon series is the inclusion of Silencio fans with the Nepton AIOs. This new fans was developed ground up to lower noise and yet offer terrific cooling performance. At a high air pressure of 4.8mmH20, the Silencio fans make no more than 27dBA!! Moreover, to counter dusty environment like India, the Silencio fans feature a unique self-cleaning design that keeps them clean and reduce overall maintenance.
Stay Frosty
The Nepton 240M features a completely redesigned CPU block. Using CM’s Micro-Channel Technology, the skived fin area is increased to 32,000mm2! – Almost 5 times of what the competition offers. Combine this with a larger diameter, anti-kink, FEP tubes the flow rate is mind boggling 120 litres/hours – three times of what competitors offer! This combination of a silent powerful pump, least resistance tubes means more coolant is pushed through the system improving overall cooling performance.
Great Design
The all-black design on the new Nepton 240M gives it a classy look and fits perfectly in any modern PC build. The backlit CM logo on the pump lends a classy touch and looks appealing. With a standard 240mm radiator the new Nepton 240 will fit in almost all cabinets on the market.
Pricing & Availability
The Nepton 240M retails for Rs 9,999/- (MRP) and carry Five Years replacement Warranty. The product is available ex-stock and will be distributed by Acro Engineering Company across India.


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