Antec Inc Announces GX gaming series cabinet; GX900

Posted by News Room On Friday, January 30, 2015 0 comments
Antec Inc. announced the availability of yet another GX gaming series cabinet; the GX900. The Antec GX series has been a well received performer and the GX900 is nothing short of a spectacular product for the gaming arena.
With a net weight of 6 kilograms, this cabinet gives users the benefit of customizing drive bays. These bays work on the sliding mechanism which means one just has to slide-in the drive and plug it in to the motherboard and the PSU; absolutely tool-less. The cabinet has well placed slots to avoid unwanted mesh of wires in the front.
The front and the top of the cabinet can fit two 120mm fans for cooling. The GX900 can accommodate a 240mm cooling radiator. The rugged exterior looks like The Punisher. And rightly so, because the slot for graphics card is a freakish 12.2″ large. With a power like that one can really ‘punish’ their rivals.
Kevan Li, Business Head – India at Antec Inc. said, “The success of GX700 in the India market has encouraged us to offer to our customers, yet another beast in the gaming cabinets, the GX900. The tool-less drive bays and customizable HDD trays integrated with a host of other features make the Antec GX900 one of the most desired cabinets for enthusiasts.”


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