Boat launches Bluetooth speaker

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Bring life into movement, recharge in style and live the good life with BOAT, a brand conceptualised as a beautiful marriage of fashion and technology, which now launches in India. The fashionable and stylish products from Boat are a part of the portfolio of BOAT’s signature product categories including Audio, Power and Connect. As the name suggests BOAT reflects a mindset and free-wheeling way of life. The products also showcase a strong fashion sensibility with dynamic shapes that interact with your lifestyle; vibrant colours that fit right into the mood; textures and flowing designs that distinguish them as a fashion and lifestyle accessory with strong technology inputs.
BOAT brings with it an impeccable pedigree of veterans from the Consumer Electronic industry with people who have worked with the best brands in the world to create a niche product that promotes fashion technology.  BOAT has been conceptualised and created in the sunny climes of the Silicon Valley and mingles International design know-how with the best of technology.
In India, BOAT is brought in by Imagine Marketing, the same company that has also brought in exciting technology brands like House of Marley and Jam. Commenting on this, Mr. Aman Gupta, Director, Imagine Marketing said, “BOAT is a creative brand high on fashion and technology, and very much a part of the new lifestyle, which is on the go. The products are stylish and fit into today’s lifestyle, almost to the point of being a fashion accessory or the perfect part of your personal surroundings.”
These high performance portable audio systems come in sleek designs to fit into your lifestyle as well as give you greater mobility and comfort with their superior air flow technology, dynamic bass, and interactive prompts. Boat launches its first Bluetooth speaker in India. The Bluetooth speaker is called Pitcher.


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