PNY releases the trendy BE-740 Power Bank

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PNY Technologies, world renowned manufacturing giant for USB and Memory products, has officially launched the compact and sturdy power bank to supercharge all your digital devices’ battery life-the BE-740 power bank. Charge your mobile phone or any other mobile gadget easily with the portable BE-740 power bank.
Crafted with a sleek and ergonomic design, the BE-740 is a trendy and portable power bank that fits comfortably in your palm and can be connected to your digital device no matter where you go. It comes available in a classic white colour that complements well with the latest design of many mobile devices available in the market.
Apart from its good looks, the BE-740 features a high quality rechargeable li-ion battery with 10,400mAh capacity, which means it offers a massive charge capacity anytime and anywhere. It extends the life of your tablet, phone, camera or any USB-powered gadget by hours or even days. PNY only uses high quality non-recycled batteries in its Power Banks. And the most important and extraordinary is its safety protections.
The BE-740 is completely safe and reliable to be used outdoors or when you’re travelling. The power bank is fully protected with 8 safety compliant features that prevent overcharge, over discharge, over current and short circuit while the device is charging. It also features a unique auto power off function that turns off when not in use, , insulation safety with better battery insulation , so you can save power and enjoy longer battery life. and the UN38.3 for Safe Flight compliant to be used on airplane shipments. Last but not the least, it is CE/FCC certification approved.
Four high efficiency LED lights indicate the charging levels of the power bank and helps keep you track of your device’s battery level status. One light indicates 0-25%, two lights: 25-50%, three lights: 50-75% and four lights: 75-100% of charge level. A handy built-in LED torch located at the end of the power bank ensures light when you need it and is extremely efficient for nocturnal use. It is the perfect accompaniment for camping trips and overnight stays so you can check if your gadget is fully charged.
The BE-740 charges your device with DC 5V 2.1A input and USB Output DC 5V 2.1A max. It’s compatible with android smartphones, tablets, iPhones, iPads and the latest mobile devices, and gives it the extra power whenever your battery power goes low.
The BE-740 is certified by CE/FCC/UN38.3, its package is certified by RoHS, and comes backed with a limited warranty of one year.


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