QNAP Launches High-performance TVS-x71U Series Turbo vNAS With Intel Core i7 Quad-core CPU

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QNAP Systems, announced the release of the new 10GbE-ready TVS-x71U series Turbo vNAS, including the TVS-871U-RP and TVS-1271U-RP. Delivering high performance, scalability options and a wide array of business applications, these models easily fulfill mission-critical storage needs, with persistent throughput to balance resource-demanding applications. The TVS-x71U series supports QvPC Technology that enables users to directly access stored data, monitor live surveillance feeds, play multimedia content, and much more with an HDMI display.
Available in 8 and 12-bay rackmount models, the TVS-x71U series is powered by Intel Haswell CPU with options including Pentium, Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processors for users to flexibly choose based on their demands. These processors deliver high performance with over 3,300 MB/s throughput and 162,000 IOPS for CPU-consuming tasks such as running Virtualization Station, serving large numbers of simultaneous connections, and 4K video playback and transcoding. The TVS-x71U series also supports two on-board internal cache ports for users to install mSATA flash modules to further enhance NAS performance for IOPS-demanding applications. With a scalable design, users can gradually expand their total storage up to 1PB raw capacity (depending on model) on demand by connecting multiple QNAP RAID expansion enclosures (REXP-1600U-RP and REXP-1200U-RP). With this flexibility, businesses can be confident that these models will suit their storage requirements both now and in the future.
“Companies require a competitive storage solution with high-performance hardware and business-ready applications to support their daily operations as well as the scalability options to ensure their growth is not hampered by lack of data storage,” said David Tsao, product manager of QNAP. “The TVS-x71U series provides the power for users to operate multiple virtual machines using QNAP Virtualization Station, edit large videos on-the-fly, and enhance their business productivity with integrated SMB features.”
QNAP’s exclusive QvPC Technology incorporates numerous high-end technologies including VM integration, multimedia transcoding, HDMI output, cloud integration and NAS connection technologies. By simply connecting a keyboard, mouse and HDMI display, the TVS-x71U series models are transformed into cost-effective PC substitutes for users to directly access stored data, run multiple applications on Windows/Linux/UNIX/Android-based VMs, surf the web on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, enjoy 4K UHD videos with up to 7.1 audio with XBMC, monitor surveillance live feeds from IP cameras, and much more.
The TVS-x71U series provides comprehensive business features to optimize efficiency and security. Besides offering NAS and iSCSI-SAN unified storage solution, the new series supports VMware, Microsoft and Citrix virtualization solutions to simplify virtual storage management. Cross-platform file sharing for Windows, Mac, and Linux/UNIX platforms smooth file exchange and operational efficiency in organizations. The support for Windows AD, LDAP directory services and Windows ACL improves the efficiency of permission settings. The TVS-x71U series can also act as a domain controller for Windows, and offers flexible backup solutions for Windows and Mac users and disaster recovery solutions including RTRR, rsync and cloud storage backup.
The IT Management Station (powered by Mandriva Pulse) allows businesses of all sizes to centrally manage multi-OS and multi-site IT assets. The Surveillance Station offers a professional surveillance solution with real-time monitoring, video & audio recording and playback to help secure office environments.


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