ZyXEL Hits Market with Next Generation USG Series

Posted by News Room On Thursday, January 29, 2015 0 comments
ZyXEL has launched ‘Next Generation USG Series.’ The new ZyXEL USG series has a field-proven reliability as they have been the first-choice solution for over 500,000 companies around the world. “The new series is Faster, Better and Stronger,” says Gurnek Singh Thiara, senior technical officer, New Delhi. “High-speed broadband is there and affordable. The all-new USG Series is built with a completely new hardware and software platform to deliver ultra-fast performance that helps your business outperform the competition,” he apprises.
Gurnek mentions that the new series promises more Wi-Fi for everyone. “ZyXEL USGs are built with an integrated WLAN controller that enables you to easily manage and scale up the WLAN with just one device.”Security is often complex—ZyXEL security is not. ZyXEL USGs feature Easy VPN technology to provide auto-provisioned client-to-site VPN setup. With Easy VPN, traveling employees can access company servers, email, or data centers easily and securely.
The new product range is also best-in-class malware protection. “Protect your network and prevent data breaches with the latest technology. Our anti-spam and content filtering utilize cloud-based IP reputation systems for broader and more accurate protection. We also deliver the very best gateway anti-virus with Kaspersky SafeStream II,” Gurnek Singh Thiara says. Newly designed with unified security policy, the USGs also eliminate repetitive work and reduce configuration time by making it easy to apply policies across every UTM feature.
The technology can help you unleash the full potential of social networking without losing control. “With advanced application intelligence and optimization, ZyXEL USGs can allow Facebook chat, block Facebook games, prioritize productivity apps, and throttle YouTube bandwidth,” says Gurnek.
The unseen threats can be blocked optimally by the new series. When threats hide in encrypted SSL connections, most security gateways can do nothing about them—but ZyXEL USGs can. Featuring SSL inspection, ZyXEL USGs can block invisible threats and offer deeper policy enforcement.


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