Kaspersky Lab arming students to fight CYBER CRIME

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Kaspersky Lab’s latest research on children’s Internet usage preferences showed that that young children often surf the internet in search of games, toys and apps without realizing the threats environments. It is due to reasons like these Kaspersky Lab held an event titled Cybersecurity and Children at Cambridge School in Mumbai, part of the Ryan International
Group of institutions, to educate the students so that they can enjoy a safer Internet experience by giving basic understanding of the principles of Internet safety to the children and their parents.
Through a presentation and participation by both the students and their parents, Kaspersky Lab spread awareness of online threats and ways in which the digital environment can be navigated safe and securely. A wide range of topics were covered such as Managing Your Digital Footprint, Safe Social Networking and Tips to Protect Your Smartphone, to name a few. The idea was to bring the entire family into the conversation because once you are on a home Wi-Fi network, a father’s smartphone and a childs iPad are both equally vulnerable to cybercriminals.
Kaspersky Kids, an awareness initiative on cybersecurity issues for children, was launched in July 2014 in the presence of Kaspersky Lab Founder, Eugene Kaspersky and Ryan Pinto, CEO, Ryan International Group of institutions. Since the launch, Kaspersky Lab has been regularly undertaking cybersecurity education programme to sensitize parents, teachers and students on digital threats, through interactive content and contest, Kaspersky Kids has impacted more than 1,25,000 students.


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