Edimax Wi-Fi Extender Wins Prestigious 2015 Red Dot Award

Posted by News Room On Monday, March 30, 2015 0 comments
Edimax Technologyis proud to announce that the EW-7438RPn Air Wi-Fi Extender has been presented with a prestigious Red Dot Design Award for 2015.The annual Red Dot Design Awards are an internationally recognized and sought-after mark of quality, awarded by an expert panel of international jurors consisting of design industry experts, specialist and journalists.
Based out of Essen, Germany and with a history dating back to the 1950s, the awards received more than 16500 entries from 70 countries in 2014 and are evaluated on strict criteria including innovation, functionality, quality, ergonomics and durability.
The winning Edimax entry is a tiny Wi-Fi extender featuring powerful performance and an easy-to-view LED ringlight which displays the device’s status. A free, intuitive iOS & Android App incorporates user-friendly functionality such as Wi-Fi scheduling and a guest network, while useful Wi-Fi analytics about the surrounding environment are also displayed.
The innovative and helpful “good night” mode gives users a simple and convenient solution to shutting down the device and its bright LEDs during the night and automatically reawakens in the morning. The extender is additionally a plug & play device with a quick, easy setup and a unique compact size which won’t block or interfere with neighboring sockets.
The intelligent wall plug design also allows for maximum flexibility to find the best location around your home for the extender to provide the most effective Wi-Fi coverage. An easy and stylish solution to eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and keep all of your smartphones, tablets and other Wi-Fi devices connected.


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