PNY Technologies, world renowned manufacturing giant for USB and Memory products, has released a new line-up of USB flash drives named as the “Black” series. The series includes a variety of assorted range of high-quality, performance- powered pen drives that offer a fast and convenient way to back up, share, transfer and carry your files and documents. These flash drives provide enough space to store your photos, videos, music and other personal files. These simple, streamlined and stylish pen drives all are available in classic black colour, following the “Black” theme series. From cube-sized to coin-sized, capless design to capped pen drives, these drives are available in a variety of designs and models to suit your personal storage needs.
The following USB drives are included within the Black series of flash drives.
·         PNY Cube Attaché: The Cube Attaché comes in a compact yet durable body, which can be easily plugged in to your notebook or computer. Its simple cube design lends a firm grip when inserting and removing the drive, whilst portable enough to be carried no matter where you’re headed. The Cube Attaché weighs only at 4.2g and is available in two classic colours, black and red. With memory storage space available from 4GB to 32GB, you can store all your favourite music, images, documents and much more.
·         PNY S1 Attaché: It is a simple-looking pen drive that leans more towards a modern yet practical appearance. It comes available in a classic black and white colour palette with intricate designs illustrated on its exterior covering. The keyhole at the end of the drive can be securely attached to key chains, wallets or backpacks and provides added portability to your device.
·         PNY Micro M3 3.0: Extremely tiny, the flash drive is smaller than a paper clip. Despite its coin-sized design and extremely compact size (weighs at 1. 8g), the Micro M3 delivers speeds USB 3.0 performance, up to 21MB/s read and 115MB/s write. The stripe hole located at the head of the drive. The stripe hole can be looped on to wallets, key chains and backpacks. It is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices, laptops or computers.
·         PNY Turbo 3.0 Flash Drive: It reads as fast as 140MBps and writes up to 70MBps for lighting fast transfer of large files, such as movies and videos, in a short time. It is also backward compatible with USB 2.0 specification to offer flexible connectivity options.  The drive incorporates a sliding collar design to eliminate cap misplacement. Additionally, the integrated loop makes it easy to attach to key chains, backpacks and etc. It is available at storage capacities ranging from 16GB to 256 GB.
The Black series range of USB flash drives is compatible with Windows 2000, XP / Vista, / 7,8 ; Mac OS: 10.3 and above. The entire range is backed with a promised warranty of 5 years within the date of purchase. The drives are available at an extremely pocket-friendly price at the nearest gadget store in your city.


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