Apple Watch’s Reverse Strap Accessory Offers 30 Hours Extra Battery Life

Posted by News Room On Saturday, June 27, 2015 1 comments
A new accessory strap band for the Apple Watch seems to solve one of the most popular concerns of the device – its battery life. Reverse Strap has revealed its accessory strap band that claims over 30 hours of additional battery life.
Confirming the design features and final technical specifications of its accessory strap band, which had been teased earlier this year, Reserve Strap has announced a shipping date of November 3. The company however points out that only those who pre-order will be guaranteed a Reserve Strap by the said date. Interestingly, Reserve Strap promises free express shipping for all US orders while confirming it can ship elsewhere globally at a flat rate of $20.
There have been numerous concerns about the battery life of the Apple Watch since its unveiling last year, though people have come to accept that it will offer no more than a day however. Those looking for more battery life can either look elsewhere, or reach out to one of these battery-extending accessories. As we mentioned earlier, Reserve Strap has been teasing its charging strap for a while, but its earliest iterations were based on Apple’s own magnetic, inductive charging. However, those plans changed when a 6-pin diagnostic port was discovered that could be used for wired charging. This changed Reverse Strap’s design to a conductive one – it turned out to be a great decision because by May, Apple had said accessory makers cannot include magnetic chargers in their bands.
In May, Apple had revealed ‘Made for Watch’ third-party bands programme for the Apple Watch. The Made for Apple Watch programme specified the requirements for certification of third-party bands by Apple, and included both design guidelines and Apple Watch schematics to assist the accessory makers. Interestingly, the guidelines made no mention of the diagnostic port that can be used to deliver power to the Apple Watch at a faster rate than even the wireless charging hub on the smartwatch.
Some of the highlights of the Reverse Strap accessory strap band are it can charge the Apple Watch on the wrist using embedded batteries; uses Micro-USB to charge both the Reserve Strap and Apple Watch at the same time; is resistant to water like the Apple Watch, and fully complies with Apple’s Band Design Guidelines for the Apple Watch.
Reverse Strap is made of specialised thermoset elastomer silicone band and packs embedded lithium-polymer cells. It comes with LED charge status indicator and fits with wrist sizes from 130mm to 210mm. It will be available in White, Grey, and Black colours for both the 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch. Users will also be given a special tool to be able to access the diagnostic port.
“It is the first and only band that charges Apple Watch while you wear it. We’ve been blown away by the interest and support we’ve gotten from the Apple Watch enthusiasts all over the world since we announced this concept. We’ve been hard at work creating a product that will allow you to get maximum utility and performance from your Apple Watch,” the company said in a blog post.


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