ASUS successfully concludes trip to Adlabs Aquamagica for top partners in Mumbai

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Over 100 partners and their family members were treated to wet and wild day at Adlabs Aquamagica
ASUS recently completed fun-filled trip to the wet and wild Adlabs Aquamagica on Sunday, 21st June for over 100 top partners and their family members. The event organized was ASUS’s way of appreciating the stupendous efforts conducted by our top partners in Mumbai and growing with the ASUS family.
Adlabs Aquamagica is one of the biggest water parks in the country and home to some thrilling rides like the Loopy Woopy, where the rider plummets through a 39 foot vertical free-fall drop followed by a 360-degree looping slide! This was a perfect time and weather to unwind and it also helped facilitate a better bonding experience between the partners and ASUS management team who were accompanying them.
Mr. Manish Bokadia, Ken-Plus, Mumbai said, “I’m thrilled to be associated with Asus for over 6 years now. Me and my family really enjoyed ourselves and look forward to strengthen my relationship further with this amazing company. This was quite a memorable experience!”
Pickup was scheduled at 7AM followed by breakfast, which was served on the way to the waterpark. After a full day of fun and frolic in the waterpark’s many rides, the partners and ASUS team members sat together for an enjoyable dinner. To liven up everyone’s spirit further, there was a pop quiz held and the winners received exclusive ROG T-shirts. A special Asus bag was also given to the youngest kid in the
ASUS was happy to successfully conclude yet another exciting trip for the top partners in Mumbai and are looking forward to expanding the family further in the years to come.


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