GIGABYTE Ultra Durable Motherboards Help You Conquer India’s Harshest Weather, Power Conditions

Posted by News Room On Friday, July 31, 2015 0 comments
Severe weather conditions and voltage instability have always been the biggest nuisance values for PC users across India. Most parts of India face scorching heat during summer and consistent humidity during the monsoon season – especially in coastal areas. And surely it’s not good news for your rig if it has to regularly cope with power failures and fluctuations as well.
The users having the toughest time are the ones who want to push their PC hard, while also demanding complete stability. For these users, GIGABYTE’s Ultra Durable motherboards are the need of the hour, guaranteeing better PC protection from these harsh conditions, and helping prevent common malfunction threats that users may encounter on a day-to-day basis. GIGABYTE motherboards do all of this while simultaneously ensuring superior PC performance.
GIGABYTE Ultra Durable is a series of innovative, excusive technologies that originated with the aim of offering motherboards with high-quality, highly efficient components designed to ensure maximum durability, safety and longevity for today’s high performance motherboards. After all, the stability, reliability and durability of your motherboard solely depend on its quality of components.
With the launch of the first Ultra Durable motherboard in 2006, GIGABYTE has revolutionized the motherboard industry by making quality the number one focus in its motherboard design.


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