Sony Plans To Make Smartphones In India

Posted by News Room On Wednesday, July 1, 2015 0 comments
Now Sony is looking forward to follow the latest ‘Make in India’ trend that is being adopted by most of the smartphone makers. The Japanese electronic major is “seriously” considering to set up a manufacturing plant in the country, as per a PTI report.
It should be known that Samsung India took a lead in the initiative and announced that its smartphones based on Tizen platform will be manufactured in the Indian geography.
Speaking about the plans, Kenichiro Hibi, managing director, Sony India, said, “Of course, thanks to Modi’s strong initiatives, somehow we have to cope with the country’s direction and strategy. We are in talks as to how we can support country’s direction. At this point of time, we do not have any specific comment. We are seriously studying as how can we reply to PM’s requirements.”
Sony had a manufacturing unit in India but it was closed down in 2004 and the company, then started importing from nations like China, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. Now, Sony India wants to come back to what it did earlier, that is, manufacture within the country and save itself from heavy import duties. However, the company has not revealed the timeline that will be involved in setting up its unit in the country. Hibi indicated that the plan will take shape in about two-years time. Sony India recently launched its latest flagship, Xperia Z3+ in India, at a price of whopping Rs 55,900.


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