Thermaltake has been a key player globally specialized in building dreams for modders in creating the best build ever and features the best cooling system for the best performance.The launch of Core X Series featuring a cube design, the series offers an endless stacking ability and expandability, which allow enthusiasts to create massive liquid cooling systems.
In the hardcore spirit of developing the ultimate in custom PC water cooling configuration, Thermaltake has launched the Pacific RL240 Water Cooling Kit. DIY enthusiasts can build aesthetically superior water cooling systems, upgrade external modules in the chassis, and enjoy the exceptional performance, unrivalled reliability, and gorgeous style of the liquid cooling systems.
Thermaltake’s latest Riing RGB Fan is a patented LED circular 256 multicolored 120mm radiator fan. The fan blades are optimized to enhance static pressure for an impressive cooling performance.
Out of all the PSU monitoring software applications on the market, Thermaltake DPS G App2.0 is the most powerful, flexible, universal and easy-to-use monitoring tool that provides IoT solution with hardware, software, mobile application, and cloud power management platform.
Thermaltake Gaming – Tt eSPORTS, the leading expert in professional eSports gaming peripherals. The THERON PLUS+ and POSEIDON Z PLUS+, our brand new SMART gaming design with IoT technology is going to track and sync users’ gaming data. With Tt eSPORTS PLUS+ and PLUS+ Professional mobile applications, users can analyze their performance stats, and also compare their usage with pro players and challenge their friends via the Tt eSPORTS PLUS+
Not only, has it set itself to give the user a different user experience it has a wide range of SKUs to suit the local market efficiently as well. With PSU like TR2 S (80+white), Commander Combo and Versa Series Chassis, it’s already in position to cater the mass market demand offering the best prices in the row.


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