Frontech unveils Water Resistant Travel Bluetooth Speaker, JIL 3906

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Frontech expands its product line with the addition of its latest Bluetooth Speaker JIL 3906, an ultra-portable, water-resistant Bluetooth speaker designed for your Travel or Adventure needs. Easily toss JIL 3906 in a bag, strap it to a bike or hang it in the shower for music anytime, anywhere – JIL 3906 makes it good value for money.
JIL 3906 can handle splashing from all angles without the worry of water damage, making it the perfect companion for your indoor and outdoor needs. It’s built with a rugged housing structure, wrapped in a full steel grill with protective elastomer on the ends and center, to protect it from everyday use. JIL 3906 also has a convenient metal loop so it can hook or hang from a tree branch, bag or backpack.
With the best buy price at Rs. 1100/- JIL 3906 is ergonomically designed, the speaker is small enough to fit in your palms but the sound quality is awesome enough to blow you away. Don’t let its compact size fool you: ‘Hearing is believing’. The Super Bass JIL 3906 resonates through any solid surface, producing the most robust sound for its size.
The water-resistant, built-to-last speaker streams music via Bluetooth 2.1 and offers line-in for any for any device with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. With its NFC wireless functionality JIL 3906 allows users to plug the headphones into the jack to stream music wirelessly, while keeping their phone safe in their bag or backpack.  The ultra portable speaker seamlessly pairs up with mobile or any Bluetooth device whereas its powerful 3W speaker provides distinguishably loud and clear music and has uninterrupted music playback time of up to 180 minutes.
JIL 3906 Speaker with FM radio is a handy option for people who need a convenient system for enjoying their music while they are on the move. Adding further you do not need to connect this portable speaker to a player as it features a built-in micro SD card slot. Simply insert the memory card into the dedicated slot and choose the songs you wish to play. Indeed its Music on the MOVE!
Whether you’re stuck in a hotel room and chained to your laptop or you want some quality tunes before heading out somewhere exotic, JIL 3906 Travel speakers make a big impact for Music on the go! With 1 year warranty, the water resistant Bluetooth speaker JIL3906 will be available at the leading retail stores and online shopping sites.


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