PQI Launches Power 9000R Power Bank

Posted by News Room On Wednesday, August 5, 2015 0 comments
Power Quotient International Co., Ltd. (PQI) is releasing the latest PQI Power 9000R Power Bank this summer! With white, sleek and apple-shaped design, the PQI Power 9000R is ergonomically devised to fit into the palm of your hand so that you can easily handle the device. The built-in and auto-retracting micro USB cord frees you from bringing extra cables. Your smart phone will be charged with just a simple pull of the cord. In addition, PQI Power 9000R also provides a 5V/2.4A large current USB output port, allowing you to charge your tablet and keeping both your smartphone and tablet fully charged at all times.
The PQI Power 9000R Power Bank features a 9000mAh battery capacity, and a sleek, ergonomic exterior at just the right size. The touch switch forms a completely smooth surface, resembling a sleek, white apple. The PQI Power 9000R can be held in a palm, allowing you to handle it with ease while charging your smart phone.
PQI Power 9000R’s built-in and auto-retracting micro USB cable (suitable for Android mobile devices equipped with micro USB ports) allows you to leave the house without worrying about bringing an extra charging cable. With the slight pull, a 20cm cable will appear to service your mobile device. PQI cleverly designed a cap for the micro USB port to protect the connector while the micro USB cable is retracted.


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