Frontech launches 2.1 surround sound speakers

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Frontech winds up on yet another exciting line up of 2.1 speakers for festivals – JIL 3909, 3910 and 3911, for those who like to experience advanced, unadulterated music, with the steadiness of unbeatable performance and inimitable style! Setting new standards in its category, this speaker is designed to meet the needs of music lovers with power-packed features.
The new series of aesthetically designed speakers comes with Frontech’s ‘Zero Distortion’ circuit that makes sure that users enjoy crystal clear sound without any noise.JIL 3909 exudes elegance thanks to its wooden cabinet which also reduces distortion while the bass gives the user some tailor-made, convenient listening. For loud music lovers, the 3 inch and 5 inch full and bass drivers in the satellite and sub-woofers respectively will impress the neighbors all around. The high glossy satellite with dimensions Width: 105 x Height: 172 x Depth: 110mm over the dimensions of subwoofer Width: 160 x Height: 273 x Depth: 245mm is an aesthetic win which also blends well with interiors of any drawing room. Moreover, you would want to place this compact 2990 watts PMPO stunner in your gaming room, home theatre, living room or dedicated media rooms to create a mind-blasting experience.
JIL 3910 priced at Rs. 1650/- with massive PMPO not only promises crisp, powerful sound but also delivers it. Built-in Digital Amplifier gives this system necessary power to deliver high performance sound. At first glance, its heavy duty metal grill design with 2.5 inch satellite and 4 inch subwoofer is not easy to ignore while closer looks and a feel indicate a wooden cabinet that will give nothing but strong sound with lowest distortion.
JIL 3911 priced at Rs. 3600/- with 5850 watts PMPO delivers lucid and powerful sound that will surely leave any listener entranced. The built-in Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) gives the speakers a nice and wide operating voltage range. The heavy duty design promises the power it delivers, and the wooden cabinet ensures strong bass with very low distortion.
All the speakers come with USB port, SD-memory card slot and inbuilt FM Radio so you can play your favorite music directly, without the need to connect the speaker set to a computer. And like most modern speakers, it also offers smooth connectivity to MP3 players, PC, TV, CD and DVD players.


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