Lenovo launches PHAB Plus

Posted by News Room On Thursday, October 8, 2015 0 comments
Lenovo launched PHAB Plus, a perfect crossover between a Smartphone and a Tablet. The device, a result of in-depth research of consumer device usage patterns and evolving trends, blends the best of smartphone and tablet features. Lenovo PHAB Plus offers all the fun of a Tablet with the true portability of a Smartphone, thus eliminating the dilemma of choosing between the two. Stretching the versatility of a Smartphone, it is optimized for single-hand use, with a large 6.8-inch screen; packaged with best-in-class entertainment, speedy Internet, and all-day battery life.
The PHAB Plus is a premium Phablet conceptualized with the idea that consumers are increasingly using their device for data consumption. In fact making and receiving a call is 5th in the order of smartphone usage. Research findings by Lenovo established that mobile users utilize their devices on calls including voice mail and other related things for only seven per cent while 70 per cent usage comprises of other activities like watching videos, social media, playing games, keeping up with news and sports updates, reading and using the camera. The PHAB Plus is designed to perform all the functions of data, movies, emails, apart from just voice to give users the experience they were looking for and with this device Lenovo continues with its existing trend of bringing the best multimedia experience to its user.
“The Smartphone has become an integral companion for most of us, fitting into all aspects of our lives. As we strive to do more and achieve more, the PHAB Plus is a smart device designed to live up to users on all counts, making life more convenient especially owing to its impressive screen size. The Lenovo PHAB Plus truly combines the awesomeness of a phone and a tablet in one cool device.” said Rohit Midha, Director – Tablet Business Unit, Lenovo India.


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