CP PLUS Launches Apex 3.0

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CP PLUS recently unveiled its latest in IP cameras – the Apex 3.0. Adding yet another revolutionary technology to its extensive portfolio, CP PLUS called out the Apex 3.0 as a much needed run to facilitate effective and efficient surveillance. “The Apex 3.0 offers a power packed performance. While its 4K Ultra HD resolution offers impeccable clarity, H.265 coding ensures lower bandwidth and storage consumption. And the PTZ Dome has been refurbished to withstand the extraordinary and perform even better now. Both ranges are designed to meet the high resolution needs of critical infrastructures and perform in a wide range of commercial applications”, mentioned Yogesh B. Dutta, COO – CP PLUS. The Apex 3.0 offers improved performance, from 1080P @30fps earlier to 1080P @ 60fps; and 4K @ 7fps earlier to 4K@ 15 fps. To prove the system’s worth, the Apex 3.0 cameras come with Smart Codec (H.265)for lower bandwidth and storage consumption. Furthermore, inbuilt Edge Analytics such as intrusion detection, missing/ abandoned object, trip wire, face detection, scene change, loitering, etc. ensure nothing goes undetected. And to top it all, the wide coverage 4K resolution ensures unmatched image detailing. The PTZ Speed Dome camera on the other hand offers 500m IR range with laser technology for unbeatable night vision and 40X optical zoom for ultimate image clarity. High POE ensures reduced installation costs and ease of installation.  What’s more, a rugged design, and in-built auto tracking facility and Edge analytics such as intrusion detection, missing object, face detection, fog/defog, etc. make it powerful and weather-proof. In a nutshell, the PTZ Speed Dome is designed to deliver in critical environments.

PQI of Foxlink Group will be exhibiting at CES, 2017

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A global leader in mobile peripheral solutions, PQI of Foxlink group will be exhibiting at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas during January 5 ~ 8 at booth LVCC, South Hall 2 – MP26046. During the exhibition, PQI’s most sought-after PQI My Lockey “Access Within 0.15 Seconds, PQI Lockey is the World’s Fastest Fingerprint ID Encryption Security” will be at the exhibition. It fills the gap where previous generation computers are unable to take advantage of Windows Hello. When users upgrade to Windows 10 without built-in biometric hardware, by installing PQI Lockey, they too, can take advantage of the advance biometric security offered by Windows Hello. As 2016 Q4 sales taper off with weak new system sales numbers and yet 500 million and counting existing computers are upgrading to Windows 10, the need for fingerprint ID demand may be on-the-rise. Another sign is fingerprint sensor manufacturers continue to grow, hinting that a boom in fingerprint ID is on the horizon. The biometric application is expect to reach 800 million units in 2017, this also include smartphones that have fingerprint ID capability. Many smartphone users are used-to and rely on the fingerprint function to unlock their smartphones. According to research data by GetElastic, when making purchases online, most people still use desktop or laptop computers. Personal preferences aside, this also hints people care about personal data security and that fingerprint sensor may bring unprecedented market opportunities. Heading into the first half of 2017, CEO of Global Operations at PQI, Spencer Chiu states that PQI shall maintain a positive attitude. On developing new products and channel distribution, PQI continues to innovate and expand its businesses around the globe. Utilizing Foxlink Group’s sound research as a niche point and cost-effective productivity advantages to partner with US number one IC sensor and Touch-Pad manufacturer, Synaptics, to create My Lockey. It features Synaptics’ SentryPoint to identify forged fingerprints and Quantum Matcher PurePrint AI technology that detects biological life signs (identifying fake fingers). My Lockey also has breath-sensing and high precision algorithm to detect falsified biometric ID copies, making your data safer and harder for high-tech forgers to access! There is no doubt, your biometric ID is the best solution to gain access to your accounts. Everyone’s biometric ID is unique, unduplicable and it’s always on you to provide the ultimate privacy and data security that is safe beyond safe.

IoT : Game Changing Tool for IT Industry

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as the next technology mega-trend, with repercussions across the business spectrum. By connecting to the Internet billions of everyday devices–ranging from fitness bracelets to industrial equipment–the IoT merges the physical and online worlds, opening up a host of new opportunities and challenges for companies, governments, and consumers. The Internet of Things (IoT) is an important topic in technology industry, policy, and engineering circles and has become headline news in both the specialty press and the popular media. This technology is embodied in a wide spectrum of networked products, systems, and sensors, which take advantage of advancements in computing power, electronics miniaturization, and network interconnections to offer new capabilities not previously possible. An abundance of conferences, reports, and news articles discuss and debate the prospective impact of the “IoT revolution”—from new market opportunities and business models to concerns about security, privacy, and technical interoperability. The large-scale implementation of IoT devices promises to transform many aspects of the way we live. For consumers, new IoT products like Internet-enabled appliances, home automation components, and energy management devices are moving us toward a vision of the “smart home’’, offering more security and energy efficiency  Other personal IoT devices like wearable fitness and health monitoring devices and network enabled medical devices are transforming the way healthcare services are delivered. This technology promises to be beneficial for people with disabilities and the elderly, enabling improved levels of independence and quality of life at a reasonable cost.1 IoT systems like networked vehicles, intelligent traffic systems, and sensors embedded in roads and bridges move us closer to the idea of “smart cities’’, which help minimize congestion and energy consumption. IoT technology offers the possibility to transform agriculture, industry, and energy production and distribution by increasing the availability of information along the value chain of production using networked sensors. However, IoT raises many issues and challenges that need to be considered and addressed in order for potential benefits to be realized. A number of companies and research organizations have offered a wide range of projections about the potential impact of IoT on the Internet and the economy during the next five to ten years. Cisco, for example, projects more than 24 billion Internet–connected objects by 2019; Morgan Stanley, however, projects 75 billion networked devices by 2020. Looking out further and raising the stakes higher, Huawei forecasts 100 billion IoT connections by 2025. McKinsey Global Institute suggests that the financial impact of IoT on the global economy may be as much as $3.9 to $11.1 trillion by 2025.5 While the variability in predictions makes any specific number questionable, collectively they paint a picture of significant growth and influence. Some observers see the IoT as a revolutionary fully–interconnected “smart” world of progress, efficiency, and opportunity, with the potential for adding billions in value to industry and the global economy. Others warn that the IoT represents a darker world of surveillance, privacy and security violations, and consumer lock–in. Attention-grabbing headlines about the hacking of Internet-connected automobiles, 7 surveillance concerns stemming from voice recognition features in “smart” TVs, 8 and privacy fears stemming from the potential misuse of IoT data9 have captured public attention. This “promise vs. peril” debate along with an influx of information though popular media and marketing can make the IoT a complex topic to understand. Fundamentally, the Internet Society cares about the IoT as it represents a growing aspect of how people and institutions are likely to interact with the Internet in their personal, social, and economic lives. If even modest projections are correct, an explosion of IoT applications could present a fundamental shift in how users engage with and are impacted by the Internet, raising new issues and different dimensions of existing challenges across user/consumer concerns, technology, policy and law. IoT also will likely have varying consequences in different economies and regions, bringing a diverse set of opportunities and challenges across the globe. While the multitude of approaches and companies gives early adopters pause, the key variable to adoption continues to be the business process changes required to benefit from IoT, and the associated organizational restructuring and retraining those changes entail. IoT protocols and standards continue to proliferate, and (as expected) a growing number of startup offerings have emerged as ‘protocol translators’ or routers between them in an attempt to mitigate risk and single-vendor lock-in. Carriers continue to play a key role in IoT as both the connection between sensors and devices and the systems that transform the data they output into actionable insight. These network operators are still in the process of determining the best place for their strengths and capabilities in the IoT, ranging from operators building physical (or virtual) IoT overlay networks to providing full-service analytics and cloud services. Carriers will have their hands full with the low-power wide area networks (LPWAN)/LTE-M debates in the near term, and outside players continue to propose other WAN connectivity options that keep the door open to market-changing disruption in the space. The impact of the volume of data ingested from sensors and things is just now becoming evident. Different technologies are being employed to triage the data coming from metrics and measures, transaction and diagnostic data. 451 Research divides these technologies into 10 different categories: in-memory databases and databases with an in-memory option; in-memory grid or cache; streaming and log management; edge analytics (often referred to as ‘fog computing’ in the context of IoT); analytics as a service and database as a service (DBaaS); NoSQL and the new breed of relational databases that 451 refers to as ‘NewSQL’ databases; Hadoop and Hadoop-related technologies such as Storm and Spark Streaming; search, data and text mining; data integration; and visualization. Each has a specific impact on ingesting the data streaming from things and transforming it into actionable insights. With the growing number of IoT deployments, we are seeing growth in unit shipments across the spectrum from components from Intel, Samsung, Qualcomm and ARM, to short- and long-range radios, to infrastructure components such as the cost of cloud storage, networks and computing. With the increasing volume (and competition) come lower costs, bringing IoT components within reach of a larger audience of potential adopters. This is definitely a leading indicator, and customer uptake and benefit should trail two to three quarters before the adoption impact becomes evident. Another large barrier to adoption continues to be the real or perceived security exposure that IoT represents to IT/operational technology (OT), with some early IoT security issues in automotive and consumer markets coloring the discussion. The lack of a de facto standard for IoT has resulted in a number of approaches to security, ranging from chip security (Intel, ARM), to gateways (Dell), to more behavioral analysis approaches to monitoring traffic from sensors and embedded systems too lightweight to be able to run their own antivirus software. This is an area we will be monitoring closely over the coming year as the industry unites in its efforts to neutralize the negative press surrounding IoT as a potential weak link in enterprise security by providing infection vector or insertion point.


iBall announcement of CompBook i360

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iBall has launched its ‘iBall CompBook i360’ – a Touch Screen and 360°Convertible laptop. Powered by Windows 10 and a 1.84 GHz Intel® Quad Core Processor, the iBall CompBook i360 is more than just a laptop. ‘Touch to Open Up’ and unlock a whole new world of possibilities and a new dimension to your computing experience.Loaded with multi-tasking tools, a custom start menu, live tiles, snap assist, task view, virtual desktops and much more, first-time users, students and small businesses will be able to do great things faster and more securely with Windows 10. iBall had launched its CompBook range of laptops about 6 months ago at an amazingly unheard price for a laptop -. It received a hugely encouraging response from first-time users, becoming a best seller on many portals. Building on this super success, iBall has innovated and created an ultra-sleek, light weight touch screen laptop which offers fantastic value. Speaking at the launch, Sandeep Parasrampuria, Director and CEO of iBall said, “In this era of touch screen devices, our strategic partnership with Microsoft and Intel has created a seamless combination of futuristic design and functionality. The iBall CompBook i360 is by far the most affordable Touch Screen and 360° Convertible laptop in the market. Outfitted with the finest, the i360 powered by Windows 10 will strike the right connect with the dynamic needs of today’s first-time aspiring user audience, looking for a touch-based laptop.” IBall CompBook i360 promises immersive visuals with high definition (HD) 29.4 cm (11.6″) full capacitive multi-touch display. With 10-point Multi-Touch Precision Touch Pad, interesting and short cut gestures can be played around with, like pinching in and zooming out. Augmented with powerful features, it comes with gigantic 10,000mAh battery which guarantees everyday productivity with working time of 7 hours, 7 hours of video playback and 20 hours of non-stop music for uninterrupted entertainment.

ASUS celebrates Christmas and New Year with Winter Carnival offer

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To celebrate Christmas and New Year 2017, ASUS announced two new exciting offers on all its consumer PC products including notebooks, desktops & AIO PCs (All-in-one) which will add to the festivities of end users.  The offer period will be between 20th December 2016 and 27th January 2017 across India.As a part of the scheme, the company has offered an attractive ‘0% interest and 0% processing fees’ on purchases through EMI with Bajaj Finance across all its consumer PC products. Asus has also offered an ‘Extended Warranty Pack’ where the customers can have a peace of mind with up to 3-year warranty extension. Peter Chang, Regional Head – South Asia & Country Manager – System Business Group – ASUS India, said, “We would like to thank all our customers for their tremendous support throughout the year and this is the right time to showcase our appreciation. With No interest on finance based purchases and extended warranty, we truly believe that this offer will delight our customers in their holiday and New Year shopping. On behalf of Asus, I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year!”

Zebronics Launches Monster Pro X15 Tower speakers

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Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd yet again bring another ingenious addition to its advancing range of Tower speakers, this time unveiling its latest addition, the ‘Monster Pro X15 Tower speakers’. True to its name, the speakers sport the 180w RMS of Monstrous Sound, to amplify your music experience to club –like sound. Redefining the term Loud, bring home the party with the 2-way speaker system.  This dual unit speaker set is integrated with a whooping 180W of total output RMS and 15X2 drivers that delivers a thunderous sound output without any distortion, even at the highest volumes intensifying your listening/Music experience. A complete must-have for all mixing enthusiasts and party DJs, the Monster Pro X15 is equipped with advanced DJ functionalities that lets you tune every aspect of your audio easily, the speaker has a dedicated control panel that includes 5 Band equaliser, Individual Volume, Bass and treble control for MIC & Guitar & Master Control as well enabling you to tune your music the way you like. Furthermore, you can also adjust the left & right channel volume level individually. Now invite your friends over for a Karaoke night or unleash your inner guitar hero with the Monster Pro X15 comes with Dual wireless mic and option to add two more mics with wires or even a guitar and ensures that your vocals reach every corner of your room. Speaking on the launch, Pradeep Doshi, Director – Zebronics India says, “Our first in the DJ Series, not only do Monster Pro X15 look good but they sound good as well. It no longer shall be ‘Music is Loud’, Pro X15 shall redefine it to ‘Loud is ‘Music’. Engineered as a comprehensive audio entertainment system, the Monster Pro X15 Tower speakers elevates the style quotient of your room while ensuring a surpassing audio experience”. With the sound, loud enough to make your neighbours complain, Pro X15 lets you pair it any Bluetooth enabled devices like tablets, smartphones & more easily. The speaker also has dual 3.5mm mini-jack input that allows you to connect almost any music device with RCA/Stereo out. Simply plug in and easily enjoy your music. Additional connectivity options like USB & SD Card are also included. To give you complete wireless freedom, the speakers also has a wireless remote that gives you total control over the speaker even at a distance. The Perfect loud speakers for large rooms, the Monster Pro X15 delivers truly unrivalled sound quality and value.

Targus Announces Mobile ViP Backpack Bags

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Targus Inc. announced that its Mobile ViP Backpack was named as CES 2017 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Computer Accessories category. The Mobile ViP™ Backpack incorporates smart engineering and tailored designs for an efficient travel experience. Evaluated based on innovation in engineering, design and aesthetics, the backpack delivers an all-in-one package for travel. The award-winning backpack will be displayed at the CES Innovation Awards Showcase, which runs January 5 to 8, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. “We are honored to be recognized with the Innovation Awards for the Mobile ViP™ Backpack. This unique backpack features Targus innovative SafePort Sling protection system, its patented checkpoint-friendly design helps users zoom through TSA airport screenings with the laptop safely inside, and a convertible floor that accommodates larger supplies, if necessary. Moreover, the pack does not slouch, thanks to its structured and tailored design.” said Manish Aher, Director of Product Marketing and Country Manager, India at Targus Asia-Pacific.

Amkette’s Launches the New Smart Speakers ‘S-50’

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Amkette is all set to redefine the era of audio technology with the launch of their new speakers S-50, which houses every modern feature that one could desire in a Bluetooth speaker, like NFC connectivity, USB charging and conference calling. Adding uber cool features in this speaker, Amkette has taken a step forward in the world of Wireless Speakers technology.
Adding the art of modernity with a tweak of technology, the innovative speaker S-50, is a multi-connected device that can also be controlled with smartphones by downloading the app from Google Play store. Android App helps control the speaker functions such as FM Radio, USB/SD Card playback and Alarm Clock. Loaded with almost all the possible features like Aux, USB, Micro SD, USB DC and On/Off button, this speaker definitely tops the list of ‘must-have gadgets’.  With an exceptionally long marathon playback time of 12 hours, Amkette has broken its own record in the segment.
Interest in smart homes appears to be rising as more people become enamored with their smartphones. Developed to give an ultimate home entertainment experience, the impressive 10W reflective bass speakers have an imperial design to them with clock display, making the speakers an item of home d├ęcor and at the same time, your favorite audio gadget. With simple and easy functions to use, the speakers have built-in FM Radio and USB charger with 1.5A output for fast charging. S-50 is a perfect gadget for your home, with a smart mp3 player, a smart radio system and a smart alarm clock it aims to give you a hassle-free experience to enjoy music.
Amkette’s S-50 smart speakers, one can set his favorite wake up music.


Konica Minolta Unveils e-bizVAULT Cloud DMS for Multi Platforms

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Konica Minolta has added one more jewel to its crown with the launch of e-bizVAULT, a cloud based web DMS (Document Management System) solution which furnishes all the benefits of a DMS in a cloud environment for enterprises. e-bizVAULT protects an organisation against data loss, system failure and as well as unauthorized system access. Furthermore it is also accessible on a notebook, in the organisation’s network, over the web, in the cloud or in a smart-phone as well as a tablet, ensuring maximum agility for a business. The solution also eliminates the need for setting up servers or configuring applications for a business, reducing expenditures significantly. e-bizVAULT comes as a boon not only to cloud friendly organisations (Cloud Email/CRM users), but also to small work groups or SMB enterprises with no in-house IT infrastructure, as well as for organisations that are distributed geographically with poor or no WAN connectivity. Expressing his delight on the launch, Yuji Nakata, Managing Director, Konica Minolta India, said, ”We at Konica Minolta believe that our affordable solution shall accelerate cloud adoption to usher in the next IT revolution in India. e-bizVAULT is a perfect offering for organisations eyeing a scalable and secure DMS solution over the cloud to fetch more agility and operational efficiency. It will also help businesses reduce their operating expenditures significantly.” Konica Minolta has recently added to its growing portfolio of cloud services in India with the launch of web2print solution and is also eyeing a multi fold growth in commercial and industrial printing products in the coming 3-4 years.

Logitech announce K375s Multi Device Wireless Keyboard and Stand Combo

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Logitech announced the Logitech K375s Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard and Stand Combo, a full-size computer keyboard with a versatile rubber stand for your smartphone or tablet. With the touch of a key, you can type on – and switch between – any three paired devices you keep at your desk. “With the ever evolving needs of new-age consumers, multitasking has become an indispensable part of their lives. With the launch the Logitech K375s, we are offering a great solution to our consumers who want to stay connected across their preferred devices and platforms.” The all news K375s not only connects with multiple devices at the same time but also comes with a universal stand that a helps you keep your mobile device at the right typing angle and hence making the typing experience much faster, smoother and convenient.” said Ashok Jangra, Logitech, Cluster Category Head – India & SWA . The K375s Multi-Device lets you easily switch between devices with the push of a button. You can start typing on your computer and finish an email message on your tablet or create a text on your phone with just one key. The full-size layout and special function keys provide a quiet and comfortable typing experience in a spill-resistant design. The separate universal stand has a soft rubber base and a carefully designed cradle that holds mobile devices at the ideal angle to read or type. And, the keyboard is OS-adaptive, so whether you’re using Windows PC, Android or iPhone, the keyboard layout is familiar. Durable and solid, the keyboard also features two years of battery life, a wireless range of 33 feet, wireless encryption between keyboard and computer, and two options for wireless connection – a tiny Logitech Unifying USB receiver and Bluetooth® Smart technology – giving you choices to discover the best way to multi-task with a single keyboard.

Western Digital announces the first WD-branded SATA client SSDs

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Western Digital announced the first WD- branded SATA client SSDs, the WD BD Blue and WD Green solid state drives (SSDs). The new additions are in synch and complement the company’s industry leading family of hard drives for PCs and workstations, providing a full portfolio of WD storage devices for virtually any application. The SSDs are a definitive solution for building DIY PCs, extending the life of current PCs and upgrading the present storage. The WD Blue and WD Green SSDs also have the capability to boast near-maximum speed of SATA drives, among the best-in-class endurance and MTTF and WD Functional Integrity Testing (F.I.T.) Lab certification, resulting in quick boot times and increased program responsiveness. Consumers will greatly benefit from the combination of reliable storage coupled with an industry-leading 1.75M hours MTTF. This is accompanied with reduced power and less heat when compared to HDDs. Both drives include free, downloadable, WD SSD Dashboard software, which allows continuous performance and capacity monitoring. The new SSD offering is apt for consumers who are looking for instant-on responsiveness, durability, low power consumption, and ultra-thin, ultramobile form factors. Khwaja Saifuddin, Senior Sales Director – South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Western Digital,  “We are proud to introduce the first WD branded SATA client SSDs to deliver competitive performance, leading-edge realiability & capacity benefits  to our customers. They are designed to drive SSD adoption in mainstream computing platforms for both corporate and end consumers. We believe the newly introduced WD Blue and WD Green Solid State Drives will perfectly anwser our customers significant demand for a flash based storage option.”

AXILSPOT Rolls Out Enterprise Wireless Networking Gears In India

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AXILSPOT has flagged off its operations in the country’s enterprise wireless segment by launching Rscan range of products in the national capital, New Delhi.Expressing his delight on AXILSPOT’s foray in India, Bruce Zhou, CEO, AXILSPOT said, “India being one of the major economies of the globe is of utmost importance to us. We at AXILSPOT will strive to amplify the growth of digitisation in the country with our cutting edge, disruptive wireless networking solutions for end to end networking requirements of enterprises.”“We have already set up our India office in New Delhi and call out to channel partners in the country to associate with our channel oriented growth objectives”, added Zhou.Detailing further about the company’s India strategy, Pinaki Chatterjee, Regional Director, India & SAARC, said, “We’ll be building team AXILSPOT wherein we will focus on partner driven mechanism and ensuring maximum profitability for partners. We will also zero in on feature development catering to any enterprise requirement.” Rscan is a patented technology which provides ultra high-speed, stable and large capacity Wi-Fi access. The multi-beam smart-selection antenna array system (Rscan) is AXILSPOT original patented technology registered all over the globe. Rscan represents years of research by the top-notch RF team of leading scientists in microwave and Wi-Fi industry, which initiatively applies the LTE base station antenna technologies into Wi-Fi transmission. The Rscan technology addresses key issues in a WLAN network which includes: data rate, signal blind spot, interference and high density access pressure. Compared to the traditional smart Wi-Fi antennas, the multi-beam smart selection array system possesses unique capability of optimal Tx path selection and stronger interference mitigation, as well as higher concurrent station load capacity. The AXILSPOT Rscan can be the real best solution for high-density, high-bandwidth access under complex wireless environments. August Chen, Director, Global Sales, AXILSPOT added, “AXILSPOT is an enterprise Wi-Fi company. We are channel friendly and our brand building will be primarily relying on our esteemed partners. We believe that the success of our partners is the success of ourselves. We will be relying on partners for achieving the goals. Our goal is to set up AXILSPOT in 30 countries across 5 continents”.

Celebrating Christmas with PNY

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PNY Christmas Free gift Activity for the Facebook fans

Christmas is one of those holidays that just seem to be filled with happiness, cheer and wonder, so PNY as every year is spreading love and happiness in the holiday season. PNY Technologies considered one of the worldwide leaders in consumer electronics market and flash memory products, will be celebrating Christmas by giving away their most popular and best-selling product, the Phantom -1 2.5”SSD (240GB) model to one lucky winners and PNY Pen Drives to 4 winners through their Facebook contest.
Anyone can be the winner of this Christmas Free Gift Activity simply by sharing Christmas food temptation on PNY’s India Facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/PNYIndia. Everybody has their own favorite or desired Christmas dishes and delicacies that they love to indulge in, so post about it on PNY’s Facebook page and win the exciting prize.

Visit the PNY IndiaFacebook page, like the page and tell us your biggest # Christmas Food Temptation and tag your best friend or family members along with the post. Share this activity post to your friend and set up your post in Public.

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The Five best entries will be chosen as winners, the winner announcement will be on 30th December, 2016, so hurry and start posting on Facebook food temptations stories and win one PNY Phantom 1 2.5” SSD (240GB) and 4 PNY Pen drives.

The contest will be till to 27th December 2016. So hurry Like, Tag and leave Message and get a chance to win the wonderful prizes from PNY. Share and spread the love & Happiness this holiday season, for your families and loved one, add little magic & celebrate this year with PNY.

Terms & Conditions:
  1. One Account can participate only once and have one chance to draw
  2. Winner list will be announced on 30th December, 2016
  3. The Prize will be delivered to our lucky winners within 30 days.
  4. Prizes cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be transferred to third parties
  5. PNY reserves the right to substitute a prize for one of equal or greater value if the designed prize should become unavailable for any reason
  6. PNY has the right to disqualify a winner if: winner is found cheating / winner is not a citizen or not residing in Indonesia today / winner is not a fan of PNY Technologies Indonesia Facebook Page / contact information incomplete, unclear, or incorrect / winner couldn't be reached due to Privacy Settings in Facebook.


Quantum Hi Tech launches the High Capacity Power bank Triple USBQHM 12500

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QHMPL launches another extension to its growing eco system of Mobile Accessories with the launch of ‘Triple USB QHM 12500 Power Bank’ combining functionality and features with protection technology, making the utmost of the product. An Ideal device for your everyday use, the power bank sports a sleek, easy to carry design that can slide into your pocket or fit into your backpack without occupying much space. Furthermore, the Intelligent LED Display Lights precisely denotes the charging status and power levels for easier usage. Equipped with advanced functionalities, that includes Triple USB charging ports it enables users to charge 3 gadgets simultaneously many times over. Having powerful output of 5V/2A, the QHM 12500 Power bank aids 500 times discharge cycle to kick-start your gadget for use in no time. Action packed with the massive capacity, delve into the world of uninterrupted fun, guaranteeing non-stop music, chatting, movies and browsing emails, minus the battery fright! Commenting on the successful launch, Ashish Mutneja, Director – Quantum Hi Tech says, “Yet another addition to our Mobile accessories family. The Triple USB Power Bank has been designed understanding the power hungry generation. The perfect travel mate while you are on the go” To ensure that no compromise is made on user safety, Quantum has integrated; RISC microprocessor that guarantees faster charging and enhanced Battery life of the power bank, while also auto adjusting the charging levels to suit most mobile gadgets. Ensuring safety, stability and high efficiency the QHM 12500 Power Bank automatically monitors output current to protect the device and shuts off when the current exceeds the maximum limit. The integrated over voltage protection circuit prevents voltage surges from damaging the Power Bank and also detects when the charger is inserted incorrectly to stops charging automatically.

Genius Announces Super Value KMH-200 Gaming Peripheral Combo

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Genius is proud to announce its ultimate gaming peripheral offer combining its most-dependable gaming mouse, keyboard and headset into one package. Quickly get into battle without compromise with the Genius KMH-200 gaming combo: everything you need to dominate the battlefield. This is by far the most comprehensive package any gamer can have at such a low with all other combos out right now only including both keyboard and mouse, Genius rounds out the entire gaming experience and brings you both keyboard and mouse as well as a gaming headset all in one bundle. Featuring enhanced, low-profile keycaps and low-noise design, the KMH-200 gaming keyboard is designed for high-precision and accurate response for the most comfortable feels. A spill-resistant design ensures no drink can put you out of the game. The Genius X-G200 gaming mouse compliments the keyboard with its ambidextrous design allowing right- or left-handed gamers to fully enjoy the high-performance gaming mouse. LED lights illuminate the way for the X-G200, adding visual style to your gaming. The Genius X-G200 features 1000DPI for just the right performance for those starting to adjust to competitive gaming. The X-G200 is an ambidextrous design allowing both left and right gamers to use the mouse without problems allowing a more natural grip so no one is left behind.
Based on the award-winning video game of the same name, the action-adventure Assassin’s Creed movie releases in Indian theaters on December 30, 2016. To stand by the legendary Assassins, HyperX, the long dedicated gaming brand, is excited to announce the collaboration with 20th Century Fox, now offering an incredible opportunity for you to Win Assassin’s Creed Limited Edition Freebies.
The “Buy HyperX & Win Assassin’s Creed Merchandise” Lucky Draw Offer starts from December 21, 2016 till January 31, 2017. Here, with purchase of any HyperX products, more than 200 customers can win Assassin’s Creed Special Edition Freebies like customized HyperX gaming mouse pads, caps, t-shirts and many exciting official Assassin’s Creed limited-edition merchandise like sword umbrellas, baseball caps and much more. The more they buy, the greater chances they have to win these.

CORSAIR Unveils Fastest Ever SSD range, the MP500 M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD

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Corsair announced the immediate availability of the CORSAIR Force MP500 range of M.2 solid state drives, the fastest SSDs yet produced by CORSAIR. Available in 120GB, 240GB and 480GB capacities, the MP500 range delivers blistering performance up to five times faster than traditional SATA 6Gbps SSDs, offering users the next step in high-performance storage in an ultra-compact form factor. ” CORSAIR Force Series MP500 range delivers all the simplicity and reliability enthusiasts demand, in an ultra-compact, high-performance package. Professionals in entertainment, broadcast media industry and gamers who want top performance and requires higher bandwidth for their high-end PCs, workstations or CAD projects can significantly enhance their productivity by utilizing these SSDs,” said M A Mannan, Country Manager, India at Corsair. “Rapid growth in technology and intensive usage patterns of data stretch the limits of these professionals. We at corsair are committed to ease the work and life of them.” Equipped with a Phison PS5007-E7 NVMe controller and high-bandwidth PCIe Gen. 3 x4 M.2 2280 interface, the MP500 range of drives put your data in the fast lane. Delivering phenomenal data performance including read speeds of up to 3,000 MB/s and write speeds of up 2,400 MB/s, the MP500 range of SSD accelerate system boots, game load times and file transfers beyond anything possible over a single SATA 6Gbps connection. The ultra-compact M.2 2280 form factor allows the MP500 range to deliver its phenomenal performance in smaller form factors than any previous CORSAIR SSD. With no data or power cables required, an MP500 SSD can be fitted right onto the motherboard or installed into compact laptops and small form factor systems where space is key. The Force Series MP500 range isn’t just small and fast – it’s committed to data integrity and reliability. Proprietary SmartECC, SmartRefreshnd SmartFlush technologies safeguard data against corruption in case of unexpected power loss or unsafe shutdown, while static and dynamic wear-leveling enhance drive reliability. The entire MP500 range is also fully compatible with CORSAIR SSD Tool box, allowing users to monitor many aspects of their drives health or to securely wipe and clear the drive with ease.
ViewSonic Corp. announced the launch of 24″ professional monitor VP2468 for the ultimate viewing and entertainment experience. The ViewSonic VP2468 is a professional-grade 24″ (23.8″ viewable) Full HD AH-IPS monitor, which achieves 99% sRGB color coverage and Delta E<2 color accuracy, offering precise color performance for photographers. The VP series of ViewSonic offers professional range of monitors with IPS panel, full ergonomics, VESA mountability, integrated USB ports, ECO mode, gamma setting and pivot adjustment. “Ergonomically precise and made to perfection monitor VP2468 is specifically made for professionals like photographers, editors, etc. With its SuperClear AH- IPS Panel Technology and superior color reproduction and ViewSonic’s Colorbration + color management experts X-rite enhances a professional’s viewing and color composing experience. It has an unmatched color engine which offers 4.3 trillion color palettes providing amazingly accurate image reproduction for highly enhanced reviewing experience.” said Pradeep Thamman, Country Manager at ViewSonic India. ViewSonic VP2468 is co-developed with color management experts X-rite whilst ViewSonic’s Colorbration which offers hardware calibration functionality which helps align graphics card and monitor scalar to ensure long-term consistency and accuracy of color output. Delta E <2 color accuracy throws vibrant colors that are impeccably real life like and it maintains its consistency and stupendous image quality every time. The monitor is loaded with an ethically unmatched color engine which offers 4.3 trillion color palettes which in turn provides extravagant accuracy of image quality and undisturbed reviewing of highly valued images. Color correction and understanding the colors and quality of the picture, VP2468 contains a 99% sRGB panel color coverage capable of reproducing richer and more vivid colors ensuring that they not only meet the industry standards, but also stand superiorly different. Exposure, brightness, saturation, luminance etc being some of the basic and key functions of any photograph, this monitor has ViewSonic’s uniformity correction function which aptly balances the nature of performance by luminance and improving delta luminance variance to <5%. One of the major features includes Five Gamma setting, it ranges from Gamma 1.8 to Gamma 2.6. User can vary it in accordance of once profession and need, monitor’s color performance and contrast ratio can be altered for any range of tasks like photo editing, video editing, graphic designing, photo production etc. SuperClear AH-IPS panel technology ensures best-in-class imagery quality full 178 degrees. A person might look it from any angle or any side, never miss on the quality. Users can also individually customize hue and saturation for each and specific color axis (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta and yellow) without harnessing other color output. The monitor truly based on color technology it does not miss on Preset color mode. The user gets an advantage from the industry standards visual precision for sRGB, EBU, SMPTE-C and REC709 for a classy viewing experience with a variety of screen applications. To maintain and keep things tidy, monitor is built with versatile connectivity supporting Daisy Chain pattern.

WD Announce the My Cloud Pro Series NAS

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Western Digital launched its latest WD-brand network attached storage (NAS) offering in India. The new NAS series is specifically designed for the creative community that offers network storage to edit, save and share production files from anywhere with an internet connection. With space to store a massive amount of files, it is compatible with both PC and Mac computers enabling consumers to preserve their data and keep it organized, thereby streamlining their workflow.
The My Cloud™ Pro Series enables seamless access of content by various devices, with classic WD reliability and speed, regardless of whether users are in the studio or editing at home. In addition, My Cloud Pro Series devices are also compatible with the Plex Media Server™ and My Cloud OS software for easy editing, streaming and sharing of content.
Khalid Wani, Director, Content Solutions Business, India, Middle East and Africa, WD, “The India market has recently seen a boom in creative community, SMEs and DIY enthusiasts which has created a prominent need for portability, reliability, capacity, speed and interoperability. We believe our new offering in NAS segment – My Cloud Pro Series efficiently caters to these requirements, giving our consumers the belief to rely on the strength of the technology. It is a feature-rich storage solution designed to fit seamlessly into one’s workflow.”

Samsung CFG70 curved monito designed for gamers

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Samsung announced the global launch of its newest industry-leading gaming monitor. The CFG70 curved monitor, designed specifically for professional gamers, includes enhanced picture quality and player-friendly features for a truly immersive gaming experience.

As the industry’s first curved gaming monitor to feature quantum dot technology, the CFG70 monitor (24- and 27-inch models) expresses brilliant and accurate colors across a 125 percent sRGB spectrum. This added luminance produces a 3,000:1 contrast ratio and amplifies previously-hidden gaming details in both light and dark settings. The monitor also employs an environmentally-safe, cadmium-free design.

“With the introduction of quantum dot technology to our pioneering curved monitors, Samsung offers a look into the future of gaming, along with a level of picture quality like the industry has never seen before,” said Seog-gi Kim, Senior Vice President, Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “The CFG70 makes gamers feel as if they are part of the action, and represents Samsung’s most powerful and visually-compelling curved monitor to date.”

Fast Speed and Smooth Game Play
By combining Samsung’s advanced motion blur reduction technology with its VA panel, the CFG70 is the first curved monitor to produce a 1 ms moving picture response time (MPRT). The rapid MPRT rate reduces display transitions between moving and animated objects, and in turn eliminates potential visual distractions.

The CFG70 also leverages integrated AMD FreeSync Technology over HDMI functionality to synchronize the screen’s 144 Hz refresh rate with users’ AMD graphics cards. This connectivity minimizes image tearing, input latency and stutter that can disrupt gameplay and escalate visual fatigue.

Optimized Gaming Experience
Samsung has equipped the CFG70 with a range of user-friendly gaming UX that drives more convenient and easily-accessible game management. The CFG70 includes a dedicated gaming interface with an intuitive settings dashboard to better allow gamers to modify and personalize their gameplay settings. Each CFG70 monitor also offers a series of hotkeys on the front and back of the display for users to easily adjust gameplay settings.

To further inspire gamer immersion and bring out the best in even the most complex game designs, including compatibility with the FPS, RTS, RPG and AOS genres, each CFG70 monitor undergoes rigorous pre-shipment factory calibration. This process optimizes various settings, including contrast ratios, black gamma levels for enhanced brightness and white balance levels for temperature management. As a result, gamers can enjoy a sharp and brilliant picture regardless of the game in play.

Comfortable and Immersive Viewing with the Curved Design
The CFG70’s “Super Arena” design, featuring industry-best 1,800R curvature and a 178-degree ultra-wide viewing angle, is formatted to match the natural curve of the human eye. Complementary sound-interactive LED lighting further creates a lifelike presentation and keeps users focused during the most paramount moments.

Additionally, the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) recently named the CFG70 as a recipient of its annual Good Design Awards, which honor technologies that “improve the quality of life, industry and society.” The JDP acknowledged the efficiency and performance of the CFG70’s advanced gaming interface and convenience-driving composition.

Lenovo Launches Yoga Book

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Lenovo launched the Yoga Book, the world’s thinnest and lightest 2-in-1[2] in India. Designed for on-the-go users, the Yoga Book is built for mobility while not compromising on productivity. The Yoga Book is a result of a fresh look at the changing needs of consumers, without being limited by the constraint of fitting these needs in any particular form factor. Therefore, it actually builds on the limitations of a tablet as well as a laptop and gives the perfect blend of content creation and consumption capabilities. The result is a seamless blend of creativity, productivity, mobility and entertainment through a suite of new hardware and software features, including:
“Today, consumers no longer separate their activities into productivity and entertainment and Lenovo believes devices should adapt to the evolving usage trends to blend everything together.” said Bhaskar Choudhuri, Director – Marketing, Lenovo India, “The Yoga Book takes a fresh look at what the consumer seeks, without being limited by the existing categories of devices or the need to be within the boundaries of one of those form factors. We are sure it will redefine the computing space and offer traditional notebook, 2-in-1 and tablet buyers a first-of-its-kind option that matches their lifestyle”.
“We believe in bringing innovative offering to our consumers – be it great selection of products or affordability programs like product exchange and no cost EMI. Flipkart’s customers greatly value these benefits which has resulted in Flipkart’s majority share of the laptop industry, making us the single largest retailer for all the brands in this category. We are glad to offer Yoga Book to our discerning customers through our partnership with Lenovo.” said Adarsh Menon, Vice President – Electronics, Flipkart.

ADATA Releases the Ultimate SU900 3D MLC NAND SSD

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ADATA Technology launched the Ultimate SU900 2.5” SATA 6Gb/s SSD, which signals further expansion in 3D NAND Flash storage. The SU900 delivers high-grade 3D MLC NAND and uses the SMI 2258 controller. Most importantly, it offers up to 2TB capacity, reinforced by performance-boosting SLC Cache Buffer and DRAM Cache. For data integrity, the SU900 offers LDPC error correction, data shaping, wear leveling, and RAID Engine. It reaches 560MB/s read and 525MB/s write, and includes a 2.5mm spacer and 3.5” bracket in the box. ADATA provides a 5-year warranty with the drive. The time has come for 3D NAND SSDs to realize their higher density potential, and so the SU900 lineup includes a 2TB model. However, consumers can choose 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB variants based on needs and budgets. Flash on the SU900 is high-grade 3D MLC (multi-level cell), ensuring improved reliability, longevity, and performance. The SSD employs an SMI 2258 controller, pushing 560MB/s read, 525MB/s write, and 85K/90K IOPS. Thanks to ADATA sorting and quality assurance, the SU900 has a TBW (total bytes written) of up to 800TB and an MTBF (mean time before failure) of 2,000,000 hours. While many SSDs claim high theoretical speeds, their performance can be compromised by heavy data loads or long read/write sessions. Like most ADATA SSDs, the SU900 has onboard DRAM Cache Buffer and SLC Cache Buffer (pSLC mode) to compensate for stress and make sure performance does not suffer undesirable dips. To minimize NAND cell wear-out, the SU900 supports data shaping, wear leveling, and RAID Engine. It also has intelligent LDPC ECC (low density parity check error-correcting code) to eliminate the vast majority of potential data errors. Consequently, the SU900 not only vastly outperforms mechanical drives but is also exponentially more dependable long-term. The standard 7mm height and 2.5” form factor of the SU900 fits any ultrabook, notebook, and the PS4/PS4 Pro, making for a quick and smooth swap-in upgrade. The retail box also contains a 2.5mm spacer/riser for a better fit in 9.5mm tall drive bays, as well as a 3.5” bracket. This ensures virtually universal installation ease on everything from the lightest ultrabooks to high-end desktops. Reflecting the quality and care that go into producing the SU900, the SSD is covered by a 5-year warranty.

tnext Unleashes Universal Power Bank Clip

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tnext has launched Universal Power Bank. This power bank features powerful 5200 mAh battery capacity, compact design in a beautiful brushed metal finish, in-built short circuit safety protection and LED flashlight which acts as torch. Clip Universal power bank easily fits into your pocket and purse, so that you can charge your smartphone, phablet or tablet anytime and anywhere. No need for a plug point, simply connect your favorite device, give it a boost and you are good to go. It has a lithium-ion rechargeable battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh that ensures longer life and allows the users to enjoy their gadget experience to the fullest. In-built with multi-protection circuits of over-current, overcharge, over discharge and short circuit makes it a reliable and safe power house. “In today’s busy lifestyle, nobody wants to get disconnected from their work, entertainment and loved ones due to low power in their smartphones and tablet. To meet this need, we at tnext have launched Clip Universal Power bank. It is a high capacity 5200 mAh power bank, compatible with most of the digital devices. We have designed the device keeping in mind the industry standards and safety measures. Now there is no need to search for a plug point or socket, just connect your device to Clip and continue your work. 

PNY releases VK-11K/VK-15K Power Banks for Indian markets

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PNY Technologies Inc., leading manufacturer of memory modules, flash memory cards, USB drives, solid state drives, graphics cards and mobile accessories is proud to introduce their latest power bank models VK-11K/VK-15K, exclusively to Indian consumers. The VK-11K/VK-15K Power Banks are colorful and sleek portable chargers that allow you to utilize your smartphones more extensively or for prolonged periods of time. These slim and compact chargers power up your smartphone’s depleted battery and provide it extra battery life by simply plugging it in to the USB port. They provide up to 7-8 hours of battery life in a single charge cycle. These power banks are the perfect companions and must haves for your smartphone, especially when you’re a frequent traveller and are always on the move.
The VK-11K/VK-15K are designed in a slim and stylish white design with an ergonomic body for easy grip and use. Smooth outer casing makes it convenient and compact enough to be stored in your backpack or handbags. VK-11K sporting 11000 mAh capacity and VK-15K with 15000 mAh capacity. Both power banks are powered by high-quality Lithium-ion battery. These power banks feature dual USB 2.0 ports for simultaneous and quick charging of two devices at the same time. A functional built-in LED torch ensures there is light for nocturnal environments and practical use. They are also equipped with a smart 4-level LED power indicator that indicates the battery capacity and charge level of the power banks. One charge level indicates 0-25%% power, two charge levels powers up 25-50%, three charge levels shows 50-75% charge status, four charge levels indicates a fully charged 100% status.
The VK-11K/ VK-15K are low power consuming power banks that operate in low voltage with auto power off function which conserves power by switching off the power banks after it has been fully charged. These power banks provide a multitude of safety features which prevent overcharging, overheating, short circuits and make sure they are insulation safety, removing the anxiety of travelling with your favorite gadgets. These power banks work smoothly with all latest models of smartphones, including iPhones, Android phones and Mp3 players.

The VK-11K and VK-15K Power Banks will be available in India and can be purchased through online stores or local mobile gadget outlets at affordable price ranges, with one year limited warranty.


Huawei Showcases Products & Solutions at 3rd Enterprise ICT Summit India

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Huawei conducted its third annual Enterprise ICT Summit 2016 by showcasing its latest products and services for its enterprise customers. The products and services for sectors like BFSI, smart cities, Power and eGovernance were on display that could potentially change the way these industry functions. The Summit, which is an initiative by Huawei to reach out to its network, and reiterate their importance in the growth of its business, witnessed a wide range of innovative ICT products and solutions in the fields of Cloud Computing, Big Data, Internet of Things, SDN, Data Centers. Huawei also shared success stories about digital transformations implemented in government and public sectors, financial services, transportation, power and education. The two day summit witnessed participation of over 900 partners, enterprise customers and industry experts from sectors including BFSI, Power, ISP, Government, Railway and Education, for achieving multi-win outcomes. During the summit, key themes like cloudification and the integration of technology across verticals were discussed that are responsible for the delivery of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions that are solving the many unique problems of this rapidly changing world. The need for safer and smarter cities using technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT)-based security protection, video cloud storage, and Big Data analytics were all deliberated on during the course of the summit. Ernest Zhang, President, Huawei Enterprise Business Group in Southeast Asia, “The digital economy is changing the way we work and live. New ICT technologies in the digitalization era are also optimizing business models and opening up new market opportunities. To help the business world seize new opportunities and address upcoming challenges, Huawei remains committed to building a better connected world and a strong industry ecosystem relying on continuous innovations and open partnerships, leading new ICT transformations and helping enterprises stay ahead in increasingly competitive markets.”

AOC Launches Premium Gaming Monitors in India

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International display screen manufacturing giant, AOC has launched a new range of gaming monitors AGON X-Series exclusively for the professional gamers. The new AGON series is a brand extension of AOC series of monitors, ingrained with premium AOC technology to provide users the most versatile gaming experience. The series includes models enriched with FreeSync and Flicker-free Technology.
AGON gaming monitors have recently earned great reviews across Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Russia, Singapore and now been introduced in the Indian Market. These come in two screen sizes; 24and 27inch and offer a record response time of 1ms (TN) and a vivid QUAD HD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The AGON X Series with AOC Flicker-Free Technology and Blue light mode reduces eyestrain, meant for long term gaming sessions. It supports Adaptive-Sync technology to eliminate tearing, stuttering and input lag.
The new gaming monitors are packed with other useful features like AOC Shadow Control allowing users to adjust contrast in overly bright or dark game areas. The QuickSwitch controller feature (a separate box unit) makes switching in monitor options and settings smooth, much easier than the limited controls built into the monitor itself.
The AGON X Series has been ergonomically and aesthetically designed for an easy setup and comfortable usage. AGON X Series gives the user liberty to adjust the screen in 3 modes: Height, Tilt, and Swirl. Voguish sophisticated back panel of the monitor gives it a modish finish, to perfectly complement these high-end gaming battle stations.
In addition, the AGON X series offers an unmatched display performance with unparalleled color reproduction in its matte display screen finish. These models are available at an introductory price starting from INR 29,000/-.
Talking about the launch of the new monitors, AOC India head Mr. Saurabh Grover said, “Comprehensive features of the new monitors with competitive pricing will be a professional gamer’s delight. We expect the AGON X series to become the prime mover in this category”. He further mentioned that “The Indian gaming industry is undergoing an exciting phase – with the customers preferring features and value for money over high-decibel-branded products. Being a company which truly believes in enchanting the consumers with high-quality reliable yet affordable products; we at AOC are proud to expand our offerings to the gaming-device segments”.
The AGON X series has been created with outstanding features and designs to deliver the utmost gaming experience to the vast community of professional and hardcore gamers; in competition or at home.

Panasonic to Expand Appliances Business in India

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Panasonic Corporation announced that it will start the local production of refrigerators and strengthen its R&D functions. The company aims to expand its appliances business in India by accelerating the localizing, production and sales activities to develop products that match the local needs.Panasonic started local production with rice cookers from 1990, TVs from 1996 and air conditioners from 2013 to address the growing demand in the market. Keeping in mind the rising demand for value-added refrigerators, the new factory has been set with an investment of Rs 115crores at Technopark, Jhajjar, Haryana and will be operational starting November 2017. With an annual production capacity of approx. 500,000 units the new plant will be spread across 14,000 sq. meters and will manufacture refrigerators comprising of unique features such as energy-saving, long-lasting freshness and design.   Sales for the same will commence from April 2018 in India.Panasonic will also establish the India R&D Center in Appliances Company India consisting of two technical divisions to accelerate the product development and to realize locally fit products. It will strengthen the Design Division targeting the complete local product development process in India. The company will establish the design division in Bangalore in April 2017 in partnership with Tata Elxsi. Through this division it will develop technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics applicable to appliance products not only for India but also for Japan and global markets.