AOC announced new 22-inch I2276VW6x monitor

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AOC has just announced the upcoming release of its new 22-inch I2276VW6x monitor, featuring the latest eye care technology from AOC. The new monitor is under AOC's 76 Series.

As verified by SGS test results, the 76 Series ABL monitor stands apart from traditional Anti-Blue-Light (ABL) monitors, by blocking up to 90 percent of harmful shortwave blue light, without any visible color change to the displayed image. As a worldwide leading brand in display technology, AOC is dedicated to protecting end-users as well as delivering quality digital displays. In addition to ABL technology, the 76 Series also features convenient MHL and HDMI connectivity, Clear Vision picture enhancement, and Windows® 8 compatibility.

Eye care technology
AOC has designed ABL technology and Flicker-Free technology to protect the eyes of users. Research indicates that long term exposure to certain light waves under 450nm may damage the eyes. AOC ABL technology mitigates the harmful effects by shifting the blue wave peak from 450nm to 460nm, effectively sidestepping the danger zone and averting potential harm. This small shift in light wave frequency does not cause visible color deviation. In addition to harmful shortwave blue light, traditional monitors also use pulse width modulation (PWM) to vary the backlight intensity, which causes flickering. Although not immediately obvious to many people, this flickering can still have an effect on the comfort and health of the eyes. AOC’s Flicker-Free technology uses a more complex direct current (DC) backlight system to deliver high quality images without stressful flicker.

MHL and HDMI Connectivity
Smartphone use has become an essential part of daily life and its technology and features continue to evolve. The AOC 76 Series supports Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL), allowing users to enhance their smartphone experience. MHL conveniently connects smartphones or other portable devices such as tablets through one slim cable that also charges devices without requiring a separate power source. With MHL, users can comfortably enjoy videos and photos from compatible mobile devices on the big screen without running out of battery life.
 HDMI input compatibility on most AOC 76 models means you can connect the latest HD sources like digital TV, movie players and games consoles.

Enhanced user experience with Clear Vision and ultra-high Dynamic Contrast Ratio
AOC 76 Series monitors include a Clear Vision image processor that converts standard definition content to Full High Definition, adding clarity and vividness to the picture. An ultra-high Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 20,000,000:1 reveals darker image areas with greater depth of detail. Fully compatible with Microsoft Windows 8, AOC 76 Series is designed for convenient daily use.


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