Indian smartphone market grows 23% in Q1

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indian smatphone

India smartphone market grew 23% in the first quarter of 2016, surpassing the US to become the second largest country in terms of users, even as sales remained flat globally, research firm Counterpoint said today.
“India which surpassed USA to become the second largest smartphone market in terms of users has continued to register strong demand for smartphone,” Counterpoint Research Research Director Peter Richardson said India is the next China…more than a billion smartphones will be sold in India over the next five years. This will drive the number of smartphone users from quarter of a billion to more than half a billion in the same time period,” he said.
Furthermore, the advent of advanced 4G LTE network infrastructure will also be a key catalyst in the country’s smartphone adoption in coming years, it said.
Global smartphone shipments remained flat at 344 million units in January-March, impacted by weaker demand in China and Brazil as well as parts of Europe, as per Counterpoint.
It added that this is the first time since the launch of smartphones that the segment globally has seen no growth..
There is a massive opportunity for every player in the mobile value chain when the second largest market by volume is still under penetrated and growing, while the rest of the world smartphone demand has waned, he added.

Samsung led the India smartphone tally with 29% share. Interestingly, Reliance Jio, which forayed into the market this quarter itself with brand ‘Lyf’, cornered 7% share.

“We estimate, this quarter strong shipment was more of channel filling, the actual sell-through will happen in Q2 2016 as the operator starts full-fledged marketing and promotional activity,” the report said.
Lyf also became the second largest LTE phone supplier surpassing Micromax and Lenovo during January-March 2016. Others in the list included Micromax (17%), Intex (10%) and Lenovo (8%) and Karbonn (5%).

Apple recorded a stellar 62% growth in the first quarter from year-ago period, though on a lower base, thus registering back-to-back sequential growth in spite of negative growth results globally for iPhones

In terms of overall mobile phone sales (including feature phones), Samsung led the segment with 25% share, followed by Micromax (14%), Intex (11%), Lava (9%) and Karbonn (5%).

 “The demand for LTE smartphones remained strong as two out of three smartphone shipped was LTE capable,” Counterpoint Senior Analyst Tarun Pathak said.


SanDisk Reinvents iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad

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SanDisk Corporation today launched the next-generation iXpand™ Flash Drive, a mobile storage device designed to help people quickly and easily free up space on their iPhone and iPad  with up to 128GB of additional capacity1.  The iXpand Flash Drive features a new, modern design that fits with most iPhone and iPad cases, a USB 3.0 connector for faster transfer speeds to Mac or PCs, and a completely redesigned app to easily manage photos, videos and music.

According to a recent consumer survey2 conducted by SanDisk in the U.S., many iPhone users are looking to free up more space on their phones. “People are using their mobile phones to capture tons of photos and videos, and more than 70 percent of users transfer files off of their iPhones to another storage location,” said Dinesh Bahal, vice president, product marketing, SanDisk. “Our line of mobile storage offerings can immediately help them free up space. With the new iXpand Flash Drive, people can spend more time using their iPhone to capture what they love, and less time worrying about how and where to transfer these photos and videos.”

Designed to be the perfect storage companion for iPhone and iPad, the reinvented iXpand Flash Drive features a flexible Lightning connector and now a USB 3.0 connector so users can quickly and easily move photos and videos between their iPhone and iPad and Mac or PCs.  The iXpand Flash Drive allows users to automatically back up their camera roll and contacts, and watch popular video formats3 straight from the drive. The new drive also includes encryption software that password-protects files, allowing people to share their content while keeping sensitive files secure across devices4.

The product features a redesigned app, the iXpand Drive app, which offers new features and an improved user experience.  Giving users the option to save space instantly, the app now has a camera function so users can shoot and save photos or videos directly to the drive instead of on their iPhone or iPad.  The app also allows users to automatically back up content from popular social networking sites, as well as play back music within the app.

Built for the next-generation iXpand Flash Drive, the iXpand Drive app is available for download from the App Store for iPhone and iPad. The app launches when the iXpand Flash Drive is plugged into an iPhone or iPad – allowing for immediate storage expansion, access to the user’s content and easy file management.


WD Introduced Gold Data Center Hard Drive up to 8TB

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WD Gold data center hard drives are designed for a broad range of applications – including small to medium-scale enterprise servers and storage, and rack-mount data center servers and storage enclosures.

It has a new, high-capacity configuration of up to 8TB that offers HelioSeal helium-technology for performance, ideal capacity per square foot, power efficiency and low power consumption for data center environments.

WD Gold data center hard drives include:
•Improved power efficiency - New electronics enhance power efficiency up to 15-percent. HelioSeal technology enables up to 26-percent lower power consumption.
•Better performance – Up to 18-percent sequential performance improvement over previous generation WD Re™ 4TB datacenter drives, and up to 30-percent improvement in random write performance over previous generation WD Re 6TB datacenter drives through media-based cache, and up to 3x improvement over competitive offerings.

High reliability – WD Gold incorporates best-of-breed design, manufacturing and test processes to achieve one of the highest reliability ratings in the industry – 2.5 million hours MTBF (8TB offering)
•Dedicated Premium Support Line and WD Gold Model Numbers – Western Digital offers a 24/7 premium support line for WD Gold customers.

WD Gold model numbers:
•8TB: WD8002FRYZ
•6TB: WD6002FRYZ
•4TB: WD4002FYYZ


Seagate Innov8, the world's first USB-powered desktop hard drive

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Seagate Technology announced the launch of Seagate Innov8, the world's first USB-powered desktop hard drive. Seagate Innov8 features innovation from the inside out with its industry-leading 8 TB capacity, trend-setting Ignition Boost Technology and expressive design.

There is still an abundance of consumer electronics that require an external power supply, placing a premium on power outlets. With advancements in USB 3.1 technology, major manufacturers like Apple are beginning to rely on one connection-type for everything. Today, with the introduction of Seagate's new Ignition Boost Technology, Innov8 is the world's first 8 TB desktop hard drive that does not need to be plugged into a power outlet. Similar to a standard car requiring a battery kick to start the engine, Ignition Boost together with USB 3.1 enables Innov8 to thrive off bus power. No dedicated power source or adapter required.

What's more, Innov8 features industry-leading capacity with Seagate's 8 TB HDD. Now users simply plug in the reversible USB-C cable and have access to a lifetime of data - including more than two million songs, four million photos and eight hundred HD Movies.

Art Imitates Engineering
Innov8, a recipient of this year's Red Dot design award, follows Seagate Seven-a 2015 Red Dot design award winner-by embodying the durability and physique of the hard drive inside. Innov8's premium, well-balanced aluminum enclosure and design means users can horizontally or vertically place it on the desktop as they prefer. The industrial design excellence of Innov8-as with Seagate Seven-was done in partnership with Huge-Design, a firm recognized by some of the industry's most influential consumer electronics brands GoPro, HP, and Nike.

Software Suite
Innov8 includes Seagate Dashboard software, which offers users either one-click on-demand or customizable, scheduled backups for their devices. Further, Seagate Innov8 includes 200 GB of Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage and Lyve software compatibility, so users can back up, access and share their favorite files from any device or location.