ASUS Announces Beyond VR Ready Program

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2000x640ASUS  announced ASUS Beyond VR Ready, a distinctive mark of compatibility and confidence for consumers keen to gear up for the virtual-reality (VR) gaming revolution. ASUS has worked closely with leading industry partners, to ensure a wide range of ASUS motherboards, graphics cardsand systems work seamlessly with the new generation of fully-immersive VR headsets and accessories.

The testing and configuration program involved ASUS and partner engineers cooperating on the optimization of firmwareand drivers for superior VR compatibility and performance — and the creation of the ASUS Beyond VR Ready logo indicatesproductstested to deliver a reliable and immersive VR experience.

The Beyond VR Ready badge will be applied to ASUS products already tested for compatibility with the Oculus Rift® virtual-reality (VR) headset and will include other VR headsets like the HTC Vive® once they arrive to market. The ASUS VR Ready website is live today, at will be continually updated with the introduction of new products.

BeyondVR Ready: Tested, compatible and ready for the ultimate VR experience
While it is easy for consumers to discover the minimum specifications necessary for building or buying a PC that couldbe capable of running the latest VR headsets and programs, confirming component compatibility and interoperability is a difficult job. ASUS Beyond VR starts with tested components or systems and the assurance that when everything is connected, powered on and the game or application is launched that a seamless, deep immersion into virtual reality is the consistent result.

With the BeyondVR Ready initiative, ASUS is publishing a list of components tested for compatibility with Oculus Rift®and expanding to include VR products like the HTC Vive® in the near future.The VR Readymodel list will be updated regularly to account for the introduction of new ASUS products and VR gear and accessories from leading industry partners.

Consumers interested in building or buying a VR-compatible PC should visit the BeyondVR Readywebsite. A selection of recommended components for casual to the ultimate VR experience is included. BeyondVR Ready website also includes a list of ASUS PCs that are ready-made for an immersive VR experience.

Starting now, VR-capable ASUS products will carry aBeyondVR Readylogo — an at-a-glancerecommendation that the product is suitable for VR based systems.

Additional Information
For additional information please visit the BeyondVR Readywebsite at ASUS Beyond VR Ready. Please contact your local ASUS representative for further details.


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