Designer PC seminar organized for Creative Professionals: GIGABYTE

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GIGABYTE Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd., which is considered to be a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphic cards, has organized a ‘Designer PC Seminar’ for professionals in the graphics animation; CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing); web designing / development; photography, filmmaking, and entertainment software production segments.
The event has been held in Mumbai on September 24, 2016 which constituted of workshops, ‘experience’ PC systems featuring high-end GIGABYTE motherboards, and comprehensive demonstrations focusing on video editing, animation, VFX (visual effects), and Maya / SolidWorks project rendering. The special objective and aim of the event was to lay bare, among the discerning creative professionals, the latest DiY (Do it yourself) PC hardware technologies that play a decisive role in enhancing their output and in turn, their customers’ experience.
The seminar made its kick start with a presentation by Supriya Mankame, Assistant General Manager, GIGABYTE Technology (India), on GIGABYTE’s Designare Series Motherboards that feature a perfect blend of the latest technologies to ensure the best output for the digital creative professionals which also includes X99-Designare EX and Z170X-Designare motherboards based on the Intel X99 and Z170chipsets with support for Intel’s 5th and current, 6th generation Core processor, respectively.
This event included a practical demo session, which used a high-end rig, featured the GIGABYTE GA- X99-Ultra Gaming motherboard. The demo covered video editing, animation, and Maya / SolidWorks project rendering, and was carried out by Mumbai-based Cezor. Cezor specializes in custom-built high-performance and gaming PC systems, and was GIGABYTE’s tech partner at the seminar. Other high-end, custom-built demo rigs set up for the occasion were powered by the GIGABYTE motherboards, GA-Z170X-Designare and GA-Z170X-Gaming G1 respectively.
The seminar also included hardware revelations for the designers, and also showed component and enhanced creativity of the participants.
Jeetendra Magade, Director, Communication Designs, Tata Interactive Systems stated, “The seminar was a revelation for creative professionals who (generally) are barely aware of the PC hardware or the components within, on which they work day in and day out, to create dream solutions for their clients”.
He further explained, “Most professionals like me are adept in software, but not in the hardware that has to operate perfectly under the control of the software – for getting the most desired creative output. This seminar opened my eyes about hardware products like GIGABYTE and how they are critical for our work. This newly gained knowledge and experience will go a long way in not only knowing my work tools better but also, getting the best out of them, and offering even better solutions to our customers.”


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