PNY warns against anti-fake HP UFD USB flash drives

Posted by News Room On Wednesday, October 26, 2016 0 comments
PNY is leading the fight against counterfeiting market by investing in anti-fake technology and releasing its special line of anti-fake USB flash drives and is proud to announce the line of HP USB flash drives which incorporates unique electronic plating after printing technique to differentiate between counterfeits and our genuine PNY products. Counterfeiting is a serious criminal offence and illegal production and distribution of major brands like PNY are subjected to it. These fake products can cheat you out of your money, damage your cherishing data files, and provide you with performance that can't compare to genuine PNY products. 
Each of the HP Flash Drives undergo careful manufacturing and feature unique HP engraved logo imprinted with electronic plating technique, all done by skilled engineers under PNY Technologies.
PNY technologies is constantly striving to protect you from counterfeiters with new security measures and inventive methods to ensure that you receive our best and original products and continue our extended services to our consumers. 


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