ViewSonic Launches XG2703-GS Monitor

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ViewSonic announced the launch of XG2703-GS, an ideal display for hardcore gamers who always crank their graphics settings to ultra, rendering every frame their GPU can output in breathtaking detail. Featuring 165Hz refresh rate, along with NVIDIA’s G-Sync Technology (for green theme) or AMD FreeSync (for red theme), the capabilities of these monitors will virtually eliminate screen tearing and stuttering for action packed game play sequences. The monitor features a SuperClear IPS-type panel for enhanced color accuracy and greater viewing angles. A quick 4ms response time provides smooth screen performance even in the most graphic-intense sequences. “By combining NVIDIA’s G-SYNC and 165Hz refresh rate into this new XG monitor, we’re providing gamers a visual experience like none they have seen before,” said Inna Chiang, Business Line Manager of ViewSonic Asia Pacific.”From ULMB and Dark Boost to 6 axis color settings and various modes that optimize visuals for all types of games, including FPS, RTS and MOBA – the XG2703-GS is the ultimate gaming monitor.” “Over the years gaming continues to evolve rapidly worldwide. Advanced games are to be braced with advanced display technologies that give optimized game play experience. We at ViewSonic understand the pulse and needs of gamers. We are excited to announce XG2703- GS which is optimized for gaming and offers smoother game play experience that can’t be found on other monitors in the same class. Loaded with features such as QHD (2560×1440) resolution, 165 Hz refresh rate, NVDIA G-Sync technology, NVDIA Ultra Low Motion Blur technology these monitors will be an excellent choice for both casual and competitive gamers,” said PradeepThamman, Country Manager at ViewSonic India.

HP launches new DesignJet Z-series Printers in India

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HP expanded its proven HP DesignJet Z-series portfolio of high-impact graphics printers in India with HP DesignJet Z5600 and Z2600 PostScript Printers. HP DesignJet Z5600 is a 44-inch multi-roll printer and HP Z2600 PostScript Printers is the company’s most affordable 24-inch high-impact graphics printer. HP DesignJet Z5600 and Z2600 PostScript Printers come with a six-ink printing system, which helps users cut costs by reducing ink consumption up to 20 percent,(2) while still ensuring crisp colors.  These devices, designed for copy shops, retailers and corporations, specifically GIS departments, newly offer HP chromatic red ink which enhances the color gamut, ideal for high-impact point of purchase (POP) signs and posters. “Our customers are today demanding an enhanced color gamut with higher affordability and productivity.” said Devang Karia, Country Manager, Large Format Design, GSB, HP Inc. India.” Our High impact graphic printers address the need of printing high-impact indoor graphics & GIS applications enabling users to differentiate from the competition. Chromatic red in our printers provides enhanced color gamut in areas of color space that favor applications such as retail PO/POS and poster applications for customers such as copy shops & in-store retail printing.” Devang added. The HP DesignJet Z5600 and Z2600 PostScript Printers produce diverse applications efficiently and with the highest quality standards, from eye-catching signs and posters to durable maps and technical drawings. For greater line accuracy and color reliability, HP Professional PANTONE color emulation is included with Adobe PostScript/PDF, HP-GL/2. And smooth color tones are achieved thanks to HP Multi-Dimensional Smart Drop Placement Technology, which provides increased levels of color accuracy and reliable operation of the printer.

PNY Announces the AK-13K power bank in style

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PNY has been highly successful in releasing high-quality and stylish power banks that will provide extra battery hours to smartphones and keep them super charged throughout the day. The AK-13K Power Bank meets all the requirements needed for a smartphone with its stylish and compact design. The AK-13K power bank is an extremely good-looking power bank that features a slim rectangular design with an ergonomic body for easy grip and use. It is encased in smooth white outer casing that perfectly complements your smartphone’s look.  It is extremely light weight weighing at 311 grams and is specially designed for mobile phones & digital devices. With its sleek and handy design, it is easy to carry around. The AK-13K charges up all your smartphone and mobile gadgets with powerful 13200 mAh battery capacity and high-quality Lithium-ion battery.
It features dual USB output ports for simultaneous and quick charging of two devices at the same time. It comes with a specially designed flat cable for on-the-go charging, no matter where you are stationed.  Functional built-in LED torch ensures there is light for nocturnal environments and practical use. It is also equipped with a smart 4-level LED power indicator that indicates the battery capacity and charge level of the power bank. One charge level indicates 0-25%% power, two charge levels powers up 25-50%, three charge levels shows 50-75% charge status, four charge levels indicates a fully charged 100% status.
The AK-13K is an efficient and low power consuming power bank that operates in low voltage with auto power off function which conserves power by switching off the power bank after the device has been fully charged. Apart from all these smart additions, it also provides a multitude of safety features which prevent over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuits, insulation safety, and stable voltage removing the anxiety of travelling with your favorite gadgets.

The AK-13K Power Bank will be available in a pocket-friendly price range, with one year limited warranty, and can be purchased at local mobile gadget outlets and online stores.

D-Link distributors celebrate their triumph at Hong Kong-Macau

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D-Link India Limited rewarded its Business distributors with an exclusive luxury trip to Hong Kong and Macau on accomplishment of their business targets for H1, 2016-17.The exclusive trip to Hong Kong and Macau had over 60 participants, which included business distributors and key members of D-Link management team. This business plus leisure trip allowed the distributors to interact with D-Link team in a candid manner and learn about company’s future road-map & technology focus. D-Link management team also felicitated its distributors at the awards night for their incessant support & contribution to D-Link’s growth.“Motivating our business distributors to outshine & enable them to leverage on their expertise has been a key focus area at D-Link. From time to time we present them with opportunities that bring business growth & further strengthen our association” said Sanket Kulkarni, VP – Channel Sales (India & SAARC), D-Link. “Hong Kong-Macau incentive trip saw business distributors from A, B as well as C class cities qualify, which signifies D-Link’s reach & commitment towards inclusive growth” he added.Organized between 12th to 16th November 2016, this incentive trip was a welcome break for partner/ distributors from their routine business. The tour encompassed of Hong Kong-Macau sightseeing, a brief conference with D-Link Senior Management sharing company’s strategy & growth plans for 2016-17. The trip concluded with a Gala night at Hard Rock Café with live performance.Moving forward D-Link is determined to work closely with its partners spread across the length & breath of the country. D-Link shall continue to introduce a host of incentive program, periodic training & certification program to further strengthen its channel engagement and end to end solution offerings.

GIGABYTE Launches Z170X-Ultra Gaming Motherboard

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The GIGABYTE GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming is just the right motherboard for the gamer who wants to take advantage of the Intel 6th Gen Core  processors and also, for a number of features exclusive only to high-end motherboards. Here’s a product carrying both U.2 and M.2 ports, each with the capability to operate at 32 GB/s and support the latest in NVMe storage, while completely supporting the latest in connectivity.  It is a board that comes with Thunderbolt 3 and 100W USB Power Delivery 2.0 support.GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming also gives users the ability to RAID NVMe drives via the U.2, M.2, and last PCI-E slot.Considering premium components and looks, the Z170X-Ultra Gaming motherboard performs well. This is due to the fact it also utilizes the highest standard of components. With its 8-phase power delivery design it is more than able to cope with an Intel Core i7-6700K processor that’s pushing the limits. The 15u gold-plated CPU socket prevents corrosion and allows for optimal contact points. Among other premium parts the 10K rated capacitors, anti-rust rear I/O connectors, and anti-sulphur resistors are just some that make this motherboard a premium product.The motherboard is also about looks and sleekness. It offers more LED customizations than ever, allowing users to truly adapt their PC to match their lifestyle. With a redesigned Ambient LED application, the user has complete control over the LEDs which surround the motherboard.GA-Z170X-Ultra Gaming incorporates GIGABYTE’s novel UEFI that makes navigation richer and smoother, and also allows for better LED control – making it a perfect complement for the Windows O/S.The motherboard ensures fast onboard storage with NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 110mm M.2 (Up to 32 Gb/s). GIGABYTE’s M.2 solution offers substantially faster storage performance and support for both PCIe and SATA interfaces for M.2 SSD devices.Using the NVMe protocol which takes advantage of the fast bandwidth of PCIe Gen3 x4 lanes (32 Gb/s), the drives are an apparent advantage for users looking to boot their OS faster, load their games in a flash and access large files without waiting. The new Intel 750 series SSDs offer an incredible increase in performance over SATA drives. By implementing the U.2 port onboard to support the 2.5″ Intel 750 Series drive, GIGABYTE ensures that you can benefit from the best performance.

iBall launches iBall Karaoke Barrel and Musi Barrel BT31 speakers

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iBall adds yet another exciting range of Portable Bluetooth Speakers with “iBall Karaoke Barrel and Musi Barrel BT31”. Like the nickname suggests, thanks to its uniquely designed barrel shape, the speaker drives audio in multiple directions, which helps create a more immersive soundscape – Nothing but Crisp, POWERFUL sound around you.Designed specifically for portability and on-the-go use, both speakers have an easy to carry strap handle accentuated by its lightweight design which make them incredibly compact and perfect for travel. Various controls have also been integrated on the speakers itself to allow seamless manual control.Equipped with a powerful 4″ Woofer and 2″ Satellite Drivers that offers high-sensitivity and dynamic range, the iBall Musi Barrel BT31 ensures every detail of your vocal performance will come through loud and clear in both soft ballads and rock numbers.Giving you a rich and crystal clear audio output, the iBall Musi Barrel BT31 Bluetooth Speakers have soothing and strong sound 11W RMS total output speaker drivers to give you a distortion-free sound. Furthermore, the built-in rechargeable battery allows the speakers to give you a playtime of up to 4 hours.Enabling you to play music from any Bluetooth enabled device, the iBall Musi Barrel BT31 Speakers host extensive connectivity options to give you full-fledged entertainment. You can enjoy your favorite tunes using the 3.5 mm Aux cable or plug Micro SD Card directly into the speakers bringing uninterrupted entertainment. Likewise, you also have FM Radio playback in the speakers ensuring an undivided user experience.Equipped with a powerful 6″ Driver that offers high-sensitivity and dynamic range, the iBall Karaoke Barrel ensures every detail of your vocal performance will come through loud and clear in both soft ballads and rock numbers. What’s more? You also get a Mic free with the iBall Karaoke Barrel, which supports 2 wired Mic simultaneously giving you the freedom to team up with your best friend and sing the song you have been humming all week long.  The speaker also boasts a LED Display to highlight the details and working status.Giving you a rich and crystal clear audio output, the iBall Karaoke Barrel Bluetooth Speaker have a strong and powerful bass with 15W RMS total output speaker drivers to give you a loud and distortion-free sound. Furthermore, the built-in rechargeable battery allows the speakers to give you a playtime of up to 5 hours.The iBall Karaoke Barrel Bluetooth Speakers enables you to play music from any Bluetooth enabled devices. Host extensive connectivity options to give you full-fledged entertainment. You can groove to favorite tunes with several extensive connectivity options such as the 3.5 mm Aux cable, USB Pen Drive or SD Card directly into the speakers bringing uninterrupted entertainment. Likewise, you also have FM Radio playback in the speakers ensuring an undivided user experience.

Samsung announced a desktop PC ArtPC Pulse

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Samsung Electronics America today announced ArtPC Pulse, a desktop PC that challenges traditional perceptions of how a desktop PC should look and operate. Stunningly powerful and strikingly beautiful, the ArtPC Pulse is a stylish desktop PC that adds style to any room with an elegant circular design and unique pulse lighting that also serves as a personalized notification feature. Additionally, consumers can customize for expanded storage with an easy-to-add module.

Impressive Design
ArtPC Pulse is the epitome of elegant craftsmanship, taking Samsung’s renowned PC designs to the next level with a gorgeous, distinctive cylindrical body.

The PC has an ambient pulse lighting band embedded within the circular design, seamlessly adding both style and function. For easy updates from anywhere in the room, the band can be customized to provide Smart Notifications via subtle, attractive lighting changes. For example, users can set the ArtPC Pulse to blink yellow when they have a new email, blue for a social media notification, green for a new chat message and more. Additionally, the customizable Hourly Chime function ensures users never lose track of time by giving them an option to set visual or audio alarms.

Commanding Performance
The ArtPC Pulse’s circular, full metal body design houses high performance internal components in an elegant, compact (5.5 inches wide and around a foot tall) form factor. It has a 6th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, AMD Radeon RX460 GPU, up to 16GB of memory and a 1 HDD module, plus 256GB SSD for faster load times and performance. ArtPC Pulse meets users’ needs to accomplish everything on their plates, as well as stay entertained, with support for demanding multimedia including 3D games and 4k movies.

The 360° Harman/Kardon speaker matches the PC’s premium design and powerful performance with equally high-end, rich sound quality. The speaker is also customizable, with options for specific audio effects, sound balancing and more.

Storage Customization and Ports
The ArtPC Pulse is easy for consumers to modify based on their changing needs. An additional 1 TB HDD storage module is included with the Core i7 model***, for housing even more photos and movies.

Additionally, a number of ports, including four USB 3.0, a USB Type-C and HDMI, are included so users can easily connect the ArtPC Pulse to all of their components and devices. ArtPC Pulse also ships with a wireless keyboard and mouse for convenient use right out of the box.


PNY launches metallic body HP v232w USB 2.0 Flash Drive

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PNY has released the perfect storage device for users who are looking for flash drive with an elegant and long lasting design, the HP v232w USB 2.0 flash drive. With high-quality metal outer casing and a slim, streamlined outline, this pocket-sized pen drive can store massive amount of personal data, movies, images, music in its 64GB memory space, while comfortably fitting inside your back pocket or wallet. The HP v232w connects easily with your laptop or PC thanks to its simple plug-and-play operation making it the ideal portable flash drive for transferring and sharing all your files during business meetings or while working on school assignments.Despite its small size, the HP v232w has a robust body with metal finish that protects it against scratches to ensure the drive retain its shiny and sleek appearance. PNY utilizes anti-fake electronic plating after printing technic to all its flash drives to prevent counterfeiting, so users can easily distinguish between genuine PNY products against fake counterparts.The HP v232w features this advanced technology with original HP logo imprint in its body. To enhance its portability, the drive features a lidless design with an integrated wide strap hole that can be attached to keyrings, mobile straps or handbags.The HP v232w has a universal USB 2.0 connector, which makes it compatible with all USB ports that are of version 2.0 or lower. The pen drive will read data at a minimum speed of 14 Mb/s and will write data at 4 Mb/s. The drive is also available in 8GB, 16GB, 34GB and 64GB variants of memory space depending on your storage needs. Moreover, it is compatible with Windows XP/2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS 10:3 and above, backed with PNY’s limited warranty of 2 years.


SonicWall Announces Spin Out from Dell Software Group

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Francisco Partners announced the completion of the acquisition of Dell Software Group and the spin out of SonicWall as an independent company. SonicWall, known for its 25 years of innovation in the cyber security industry, protects more than a million customer networks worldwide.
Dipanjan “DJ” Deb, Francisco Partners’ co-founder and CEO states, “SonicWall is a trusted partner to its customers and channel partners in 40 countries worldwide and is laser focused on innovating next-generation network security. This acquisition will better enable SonicWall to continue its journey in delivering world-class solutions and help defend against the explosive growth of new cyber security threats.”
In conjunction with the creation of an independent SonicWall, the company named cyber security and networking veteran Bill Conner as its President and CEO. Conner previously served as CEO of Silent Circle and CEO of Entrust as well as President of Data Networks and then President of Enterprise Networks at Nortel Networks.
“We are in the midst of a cyber security arms race,” said Conner. “As a standalone SonicWall brand, we can act even more deftly and quickly to serve channel partners and customers by offering products and services second to none.”
This year, SonicWall has achieved several key milestones which include the number of new partners offering SonicWall’s solutions grew by 20 percent in the last year. It also include that for the eighth straight year, it is the North American market share leader in the small and midsized enterprise Internet Security Appliance market, it’s Capture Advanced Threat Prevention Service has analyzed more than four million suspicious files since the service’s launch in August.
To continue its commitment to and investment in its channel partners, SonicWall also announced its SonicWall SecureFirst Partner Program, which introduces improved partner rewards, deal protection and expanded technical enablement on the SonicWall portfolio. Dell EMC will continue to resell SonicWall’s entire product portfolio as it has done since before the acquisition by Dell.

GIGABYTE Enables Support for Intel Next-Gen CPUs

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GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd. proudly announces the support for Intel’s next-generation LGA1151 socket processors. Compatibility for the entire line-up of Z170, H170, B150 and H110series motherboards are available with a simple BIOS update.
One popular method for users to flash the BIOS would be to leverage the world renowned Q-Flash, this feature directly in the BIOS allows users to flash the firmware from a USB drive after they’ve downloaded the most updated BIOS into the flash drive.
Another alternative for users, if using a flagship motherboard such as the Z170X-GamingG1 would be to flash their BIOS with Q-Flash Plus, allowing users to do so without the need to have the CPU or memory installed. These BIOS updates can be downloaded from the GIGABYTE website for users to flash on to their 100 series motherboards.
GIGABYTE engineers have tested and validated all GIGABYTE 100 series motherboards to ensure users will have optimal performance and compatibility for the latest Intel Core Processors

Digisol Launches Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter

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DIGISOL Systems Ltd. has announced the launch of Wireless Dual band USB adapter DG-WN3860AC. The DG-WN3860AC enables notebook/ desktop computers having USB interface to connect wirelessly with other clients in the network. The DG-WN3860AC complies with IEEE 802.11ac & IEEE802.11n standard and is backward compatible with IEEE802.11b/g standard. DG-WN3860AC Wireless USB adapter can achieve wireless data transmission rate up to 860Mbps in 5GHz spectrum. Its dual band operation offers flexible wireless connectivity which enhances sharing of files, photos, audio, video and gaming experience over wireless network.
The DG-WN3860AC wireless USB adapter supports WPS PUSH button, which simplifies wireless client setup procedures, supports robust security using WPA2 Enterprise (802.1x with AES) which enhances the security of wireless network to protect sensitive data from hackers and also supports 64/128 bit WEP encryption which offers first level of security choice to home users to provide confidentiality of the wireless Network. It has an in-built antenna making it convenient to connect to notebook/ desktop computers.
Product specifications includes easy-to-install, plug and play. It also complies with IEEE 802.11ac/ a/ n/ g and IEEE 802.11b standards, supports USB3.0 port, up to 860Mbps Wireless Speed, supports soft AP (Win7/ Win8 Only) to establish your wireless LAN networking, 64/128-bit WEP, WPA, WPA2 and 802.1x security standard, WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) encryption for easy connection.