Beyerdynamic Launches Aventho Wireless Headphones in India

Posted by News Room On Monday, October 23, 2017 0 comments
Beyerdynamic is transforming the sound of its headphones into a completely customized experience. Because individual sound preferences are not only about taste; on the contrary: audiology research confirms that the way people hear is as varied as people themselves. In order to create a “tailor-made suit for the ears”, beyerdynamic is working together with Mimi Hearing Technologies. Mimi’s sound customization technology allows for the creation of a personal listening profile tailored to a set of beyerdynamic headphones. This profile is based on thesoundcheck in the “Make it yours” (MIY) app and then uploaded directly to the headphones. Your favorite music never sounded so perfect: a new era for completely customized listening. Driven by innovation: over 90 years ago, Eugen Beyer dedicated himself to constantly challenging the status quo. His audio products were to be better than any others on the market. Today, this vision is still the driving force behind every beyerdynamic innovation. And they have earned the company an excellent global reputation: as an innovator, as an uncompromising manufacturer of quality, and as a reliable partner. With Tesla technology, beyerdynamic has reached a milestone in the design of headphone sound transducers and, as such, created a revolutionary listening experience. In 2017, it is time for the next step – and a uniquely customized listening experience. Until now, sound has always been statically balanced. However, we all hear sounds differently and our hearing changes over the course of our lives. Mimi’s in-headphone sound customization turns music and sounds into a completely personal experience – with individual calibration that is especially determined for your hearing.


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