OWC introduces USB-C Travel Dock

Posted by News Room On Friday, September 28, 2018 0 comments
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OWC launches USB-C Travel Dock. It brings portable connectivity to your USB-C equipped notebook, no matter where you are. The OWC USB-C Travel Dock delivers incredible versatility providing five ports of connectivity and power in a surprisingly tiny package. There’s no better way to keep your workflow going while on the move. All that and it fits in your pocket.You can Connect your notebook to the OWC USB-C Travel Dock with the integrated  USB-C cable and transform your notebook into a mini workstation with five essential ports. Drive an HD display, connect, power or charge up to two USB 3.1 devices and access photos from your camera’s SD card. Plus the USB-C port delivers up to 60W of power from a power adapter — so it works as a stand-alone charging dock too.The USB-C Travel Dock is sleek and slim, rugged and stylish. It’s a great looking complement to your laptop, and tough enough to follow you on any adventure. And because it only takes up as much space as a coffee mug, it’s compact enough to fit into any workspace without fuss.


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